Antifa's Rules for Reporting on Antifa - Don't, Unless We Approve it, even on Public Property - Granite Grok

Antifa’s Rules for Reporting on Antifa – Don’t, Unless We Approve it, even on Public Property

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Antifa factions (communists) gathered in DC to protest someone else’s free speech. That’s always going to be something of a spectacle. But if you arrived on site to report any of their “activity” they had rules you were expected to follow.

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Summarized: No unmasking of the hooligans. No recording of the hooligans. No evidence of the damage caused by the hooligans. We reserve the right to prohibit your use of public spaces. 

Antifa proves once again that they are the fascists.

They imply that anything filmed against their will can be used in court, because they worry something incriminating could be recorded and will strive to obtain that footage through subpoena.

How does anyone not laugh at a group that calls itself “Anti Fascist” while it attempts to employ stridently fascistic techniques? They want to control speech, bar the press, and forcibly prevent individuals from entering public locations. They threaten legal reprisals against anyone they deem to have violated their neutered “guidelines”.

To be clear, they are communists, who refer to everyone who does not agree with them as fascist. That means everyone, including any registered Democrats who are not yet communists. You are all part of the alt-right. Which is to say, to their right, which is everyone.

And as long as you follow their rules for reporting on their speech, they’ll continue to fight for that speech an no other.

Got it? 

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