Black Lives Matter Doesn't Care about Most Black Lives - Granite Grok

Black Lives Matter Doesn’t Care about Most Black Lives

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Of course black lives matter; all lives matter.  So why are people condemned and fired for saying, “All Lives Matter”?  Because “Black Lives Matter” is a term used to advance the far left “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) political movement.

Americans sympathize with suffering or unjustly treated people and are unknowingly seduced into supporting the BLM political movement.

The BLM movement is the Democrat Party’s new enforcement arm.  Like the KKK, Jim Crow Laws, and officials like Bull Connors, the BLM movement uses intimidation and violence to coerce support for, and to suppress opposition to, Democrat politicians and policies.

But neither the actions nor the policies of the BLM movement indicate an interest in improving the lives of most Black Americans.

The riots encouraged by BLM and allowed by Democrat Mayors since the horrible, unacceptable killing of George Floyd have killed many blacks and injured thousands. Thousands more blacks have had their property stolen or destroyed, and/or lost their jobs or businesses. “Black Lives Matter” doesn’t care.

Annually black murderers kill about 90% of the thousands of black murder victims; “Black Lives Matter” doesn’t care.

“Black Lives Matter” policies make black lives more difficult and dangerous.

BLM supports illegal immigration which stifles black economic success and makes poor neighborhoods more dangerous.

BLM exacerbates the problems of poverty and fatherless children by advocating further erosion, started by Democrat Welfare Laws, of the traditional family.

BLM advocates the release of convicted felons who often return to victimize poor neighborhoods.

BLM demands defunding police departments, and many Democrat politicians are joining this demand.  Defunding the police will make poor and middle-income neighborhoods even more dangerous, reduce local investment, and destroy job opportunities.

The “institutional racism” (poor schools, lack of economic opportunities, institutional injustice, and dangerous neighborhoods) that harms most blacks occurs almost exclusively in Democrat-controlled cities.  For decades Democrat politicians have figuratively had their knees on the throats of inner-city blacks, ruining millions of lives.

Yet “Black Lives Matter” supports the Democrat politicians, including Mayors, City Councilors, Governors, Congressmen, Senators, and Presidents who have done nothing to improve the lives of inner-city blacks.  Donations to go to the DNC, Democrat committees, Democrat politicians, and other Democrat causes.

BLM opposes Republicans who fight for things that Black Americans need: strong economic growth providing good jobs, safe neighborhoods, equal justice, and school choice so children can escape bad and/or dangerous schools.

The “Black Lives Matter” movement only cares about the black problems and black deaths that can be used to increase its political power; it isn’t interested in fixing the problems that harm black people.