Should the 'T' in ANTIFA Stand for 'Twitter"? - Granite Grok

Should the ‘T’ in ANTIFA Stand for ‘Twitter”?


A quick tale for your AM consideration. ANTIFA. It’s been around for over 70 years, originally formed by Marxists, it continues to behave like them to this very day. And Twitter’s community standards need not apply to its antics.

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The tactics are simple. Intimidation and violence. The goal is to keep the far left in the Marxist camp and not in any offshoots, like the National Socialism of Hitler or the Fascism of Mussolini. Iterations of communism that abhor free markets and capitalism. 

Let’s call Antifa the socialist equivalent of No Labels; The far left’s third-way political machine. A come-together thuggery that uses violence and intimidation to unify leftist factions. To convince National Socialists that communism is the only real socialism.

Twitter, a beneficiary of free markets and capitalism is run by leftists who bathe its wealth with the freedom to exercise a claim on first amendment protections and the ability to constrain speech they oppose. As a private business, that is their *choice. And they choose to suppress one side of the political spectrum based on their bias while ignoring identical behavior from the far-left.

A militant left-wing group offers instructions on how to violate other people’s rights and Twitter lets it ride.

Major social media entities, particularly Twitter, allow ANTIFA terrorists to organize on their platforms. They have repeatedly refused to ban far-left agitators who openly pine for violence and harass political enemies while cracking down on the free speech of conservatives.

Not surprising just instructive. A fascist group operating under the false flag of antifascism promotes the destruction of property, theft, and violence on Twitter and Twitter be like, meh.

Perhaps the T in ANTIFA should henceforth stand for ‘Twitter.’

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