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National Democrats, Like NH Dems, Can’t Denounce Antifa (Because they are Antifa)

Antifa- we will tread

Antifa was founded by the German Socialist Party to compete for leftist affection. “Adopting the word “Antifa” from a last-ditch attempt to establish a cross-party alliance between Communist and Social Democratic workers in 1932.”

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Let’s call Antifa the socialist equivalent of No Labels; The far left’s third-way political machine. A come-together thuggery that uses violence and intimidation to unify leftist factions. To convince National Socialists that communism is the only real socialism.

But Fascists believed their thuggery was the highest form of leftism. And so, these left-wing factions waged a war of words, fists, clubs, and whatever else was at hand to prove theirs was the better form of socialism.

The point?

There is barely a hairs difference between the fascists and communists. And Antifa’s tactics today use the same militant left-wing intimidation methods as their ideological brethren have used since 1932.  For the same reason.

Leftism is a violent ideology. It only advanced through force. To secure its place they must deny you the right to your property, behavior, associations, the words you use, even how you think.

Modern Democrat Socialists know this, so it is nearly impossible to get them to denounce it. Even when it requires the intimidation or abuse of identity politics groups the Left claims to defend.

The Democrat party, for example, claims empathy for members of victim classes but membership (and any supposed benefits) are restricted not to the labels the left has given but fealty to a single ideology.

Being a woman, or black, or gay, or intersectional, or anything at all only means something if you agree with the Democrat socialists. If you wander off the ideological plantation, you lose your victim-class protections, become the enemy of the Democrat Party, and will be treated accordingly.

Antifa is a communist hammer and everything to their right looks like a nail.

The media deliberately underplays and ignores their violence, when they are not selling the protests as peaceful.

According to [Elijah] Schaffer, “I ran right past Vice, I ran right past BBC, who were busy filming useless peaceful protesters while the real news was taking place ahead…the mainstream outlets are ignoring the truth.” Ingraham jumped in and proclaimed that the “mainstream outlets” are “denying reality” because “it doesn’t fit their narrative.”

Democrat candidates for President, even those who claim to oppose violence, can’t bring themselves to openly denounce Antifa.

They justify the violence and intimidation based on their own narrative that these people are working to protect people from something. And they are.

Individual liberty and natural rights.

The left cannot advance the socialist utopia without first silencing anyone who promotes a world where you are a better judge of what is best for yourself and your family than the government. And they will say or do anything to stop you.

That’s what Democrats want. That is what Antifa exists to do.