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Just to Add to the Katelyn Marie Jones Story. We Have This.

Little Katelyn of Epping, NH/Olivet, Mi., sent terrorist messages to an election official, Republican, in Michigan showing pictures of mutilated bodies. Those pictures were meant to scare that official. Her daughter just had a baby and little Katelyn was simply asking about the chance this might happen to her relatives.

How would you glorify violence?

How Would You Glorify Violence? … Just Asking

A tweet about not attending Biden’s big party is the glorification of violence. At the same time, a tweet from the Chinese Embassy in the U.S. paints Uighur concentration camps and forced sterilization as a victory for women.

You Should Gab, Not Tweet

While I have not deleted my Twitter account, I refuse to tweet because of the censorship of President Trump and the election interference. Freedom of Speech is more than just the First Amendment’s prohibition of government censorship. It is a value. An American value.


Do I Even Have to Explain This?

Sorry, I don’t care about Godwin’s Law anymore. If it fits, use it; I’m no longer concerned with being nice anymore. They are just going after anyone, Conservative / Libertarian / other or not.

Oathkeepers Twitter banned

Breaking – OathKeepers has been deplatformed

Ah yes, “deplatformed” is becoming a word Conservatives are becoming to know all too well. Meh – just add it to the others like extremist, ultra-right wing, selfish, all the -phobic names, white nationalists, white supremacists, the list keeps going on. Don’t worry, they’ll keep coming up with more just like the Identity Group aficionados …

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Notable Quote: Why are they afraid of us?

Reformatted, emphasis mine: January 8, 2021. As a conservative political writer, which I’ve been for some time, Friday night had the weird feel of a surrealistic, conservative-thought-purging Kristallnacht. First and most surreal, Jack Dorsey’s Twitter permanently banning the account of the President of the United States. Not for some singular awful thing Donald Trump did, said, …

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