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Big tech control and your freedom

Twitter Censorship … How Should we Respond?

Jack Dorsey and other technology executives spoke Wednesday on their moderation practices. They appeared before the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation. The testimony comes following Twitter’s decision to suspend the New York Post from its platform.

Facebook and Twitter impose censorship.

Facebook and Twitter Impose Censorship

Last week we saw Facebook and Twitter impose censorship on a New York Post story. The story is regarding Hunter Biden. Facebook has an audience of 2.7 billion people worldwide. Twitter is the largest news source worldwide today.

Big tech control and your freedom

Big Tech Intends to Defeat Trump … At all Cost

Big Tech has been attacking conservatives for years but more recently they have shifted gears. Now they include classic liberals as the enemy too. Censorship is vast and fully surfacing following the suppression of the New York Post.

Gracie Gato headshot

Another Progressive Angry That a Conservatarian Listened To Her Talk – Gracie Gato: Stalker!!!! Part 2

Heh! Reports are coming back that said Progressive is unhappy that said Conservatarian is using her words in order to comment on them. Free Speech much? Naw, she’s the California version of NH State Rep Jan Schmidt – you know, the Bernie-Bro that hates the idea that ANYONE disagrees with her monoculture foreign political philosophy …

Another Progressive Angry That a Conservatarian Listened To Her Talk – Gracie Gato: Stalker!!!! Part 2 Read More »

It is Time for Social Media Regulation?

Way back in 2017 (it seems almost ancient history now) I wrote this “editorial” for another blog.  I don’t claim to be prescient, but it was obvious even back then that “social media platforms” were out of control.

Free Speech - speech suppression

“Facebook Lets Activists Restrict My Videos Based on Something I Never Said.”

This is an ongoing problem with Facebook that they won’t acknowledge by actually DOING something. Oh, they’ll issue a non-apology apology. Say it was a mistake or that an “algorithm” screwed things up.  Except that the vast majority of mistakes and the screwups involve conservatives taking it in the shorts.