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Tyranny Looms If We Do Not Respond.

Tyranny Looms If We Do Not Respond

We should understand tyranny looms if we do not respond. Ms. Bari says editors live in fear of offending this orthodoxy. Writers are careful lest they ruin their careers. The Times plays it so safe in accepting op-eds Twitter has become the “ultimate editor.”

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Twitter Trolls, Hackers, and Snowflakes, Oh My!

Last week was exciting. Someone created a Twitter account to point out how pathetic ‘Grok’s Twitter engagement was. We were in jail for a year so it’s not great. Theirs was worse, which I pointed out, but they insisted on claiming that GraniteGrok had no reach so I shared this and ruined their day.

We must defend our values and principles

Trump Turns the Heat up on Twitter

Facebook, Twitter, and others have been hiding behind section 230(c) of the Communications Decency Act. It protects them from liability based on the content others publish on their platforms that they have been “editing” by their deliberate actions to suppress it. Mr. Trump says that makes them a publisher.