ReOpenNH Concord Rally - MicroInterview with Mark Warden - Granite Grok

ReOpenNH Concord Rally – MicroInterview with Mark Warden

ReOpenNH - Free People make their own Risk Assessments

The best expression of the sentiment that was on the minds of all of the attendees of last Saturday’s EReOpenNH was this:

“We’ve just got to open the State back up….I’m tired of the authoritarian shutdown of the entire economy”. It doesn’t make sense; it’s inconsistent”.

They aren’t the wild-eyed redneck folks that many on the Left, the Media, and the lockstep “just shut up about Sununu, willya???” that Republicans are trying to make them out to be. They are, for the most part, reasonable, smart, principled people that are not only worried about the State’s economy and their own (be it their jobs or businesses) but fundamental issues as well.  Those, ensconced in our Constitutions, that are being flouted for the sake of expediency (as well as giving too much credit to those that have been deemed “experts”).

Too many people that should know better are meekly going “oh, emergency – sure thing” without giving a thought as to the second or third order ramifications when the Constitution is ignored for the sake of “health and safety” (tell that to George Washington’s army). It seems that too many on the Right (the Left is rather enjoying the Government exercising Powers it doesn’t have) are merely falling into line because….well, I don’t know.

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