Lessons: Coronavirus Spreads Faster and Further if your 'Leaders' Happen to be Democrats - Granite Grok

Lessons: Coronavirus Spreads Faster and Further if your ‘Leaders’ Happen to be Democrats

NYC cases Corona

If you look at a map you will see something startling. Your odds of getting infected or dying from coronavirus are significantly higher is you live in a predominantly-Democrat or Democrat-run corner of America.

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And this is a condition they are committed to forcing on as many of us as possible as quickly as they can. Congregating the population into swollen urban plantations is a political goal. But that is proving to be a less desirable state of being in the wake of the Coronavirus – if the filth, high crime, noise-pollution, and did I mention crime, wasn’t enough of a deterrent.

New York City is the largest and most tragic example. Democrats (in an epidemic act of virtue signaling) actually told their “voters” that this was no big deal. When it turned out they were wrong, they blamed Donald Trump.

As I’ve noted previously if the Left wants to milk the “blood on his hands” narrative it’ll backfire on them. I also added that they will get blamed for a lot of other sickness and death outside places like New York City. The rapid spread, followed by the flight of many New Yorkers from the Big Apple, took the infection into corners of the countryside that might otherwise, because of their rural character, never had a single case.

Even the New York Times thinks I’m right.

NYT Virus Spread

Are you sure you want to milk that Cow Nancy and Company?

Throughout the region, the virus seems to be mostly following a logical pattern of infection, growing outward from its epicenter of New York City. But there have also been small bursts of flulike symptoms in areas where New Yorkers have summer homes, like the Adirondacks, the Jersey Shore, the Catskills and the Hamptons.

Team Trump has already built, more than likely, an extensive catalog of damaging quotes and evidence to counter whatever it is you think will “work this time.” And in case you have forgotten, the DoJ is still digging into the leftist cabal behind the investigation of Donald Trump (both Russia Gate and Ukraine Gate) by partisans in the intelligence community.

Some of that is going to come out before the election. None of it will look good. All while you are on record in favor of destroying the economy which actually makes your remarks about New York City look like a deliberate act to do just that.

But run with it. It will be fun to watch and report on another Democrat-Party train wreck.

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