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Pandemic Politics – Democrats Will “Own” the Majority of US Coronavirus Deaths

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The plan from early on was to blame the President. No matter what happened, the Democrats and their free earned media dogs would claim Donald Trump’s failure resulted in unnecessary deaths. The truth has a bluer hue. It’s Democrats who own that distinction.

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As noted on these pages back on March 30th,

The mess in the Big Apple is attracting a lot of attention. Many on the Left, with media air cover, are blaming Trump. But in mid-March prominent NYC Democrats were still telling New Yorkers it was no big deal. To go to the movies, see shows, and attend parades. … The total number of infections and deaths from this virus (once the dust clears) will be significantly higher because of what happened in New York City.

And so it is (tragically) coming to pass. New York and New Jersey currently represent almost 50% of all deaths reported from Coronavirus in the US. Of the 16,684 official lives lost, 8,767 of those come from these states, with 7,067 just from New York. The majority of those from the City that bears the name.

A City that, long after the Left’s supposed window for action by Trump, had prominent Democrats telling people to mix and mingle like they always had.

Big City Democrat politicians, Mayor Bill de Blasio, and even the NYC Health Commissioner, Oxiris Barbot, were dismissive of the threat and encouraged people to go out and behave as if everything was normal.

When they began to realize that was not the case, New Yorkers began to flee the city, in many cases taking the virus with them. This means that any number of infections and deaths outside NYC have linkage back to de Blasio and company due entirely to their indifference. A number we’ll never be able to calculate.

Nancy Pelosi encouraged tourism in Chinatown. And the media backed their play. Until it was time for a different narrative. They switched gears, but the effect of their actions continues to claim lives they’d like to leave at the feet of Donald Trump. And lives yet to pass. 

If even one death is directly connected to the actions of people in positions of power, then they all are. Most of them will come from the City that never sleeps, in large part because Democrats told them that there was nothing about which to worry.

I’m not saying we should politicize the tragedy, I’m saying that when the Left does it, we need to push back with a fact-based response based on their terms of engagement. If they want this they, need to own it. And only you can help make that happen.


CDC NYC Distancing Sooner would have saved lives
CDC NYC Distancing Sooner would have saved lives