Who Will the Democrat Delegates Actually Nominate at Their Convention? - Granite Grok

Who Will the Democrat Delegates Actually Nominate at Their Convention?

Joe Biden easter eggs

It is becoming increasingly clear that Joe Biden cannot be the Democrat nominee for President. The only thing he has going for him is that he is not Donald Trump, and for most of America – including a lot of Democrats – that’s not enough.

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He is mentally incapable of holding a conversation let alone public office. And it’s not his fault. Mental decline is not uncommon in men his age and more common (to anyone who is looking) in Biden.

His best bet is to remain in lockdown until the election. The more public his decline the worse-off are down-ticket Democrats forced to support him. A huge problem, given that he is now their presumptive nominee.

So, what do Democrats do?

We’ve posited that the easiest solution is to pair him up with someone who can replace him. It accepts the primary results of the states that already voted. And they thought Bernie would be worse. So, I’m very curious what they offered Sanders in exchange for dropping out this early? He did, after all, keep his delegates as insurance.

The most obvious VP choice is Hillary. She can turn out their vote and given the current odds that is a huge leap forward come November. But she’s not playing with a full deck either and she’s Hillary Clinton.

Another option is for Joe to thank everyone and then gracefully step aside at the “convention” for “health reasons” and endorse some pre-picked replacement. Not sure he’s ready to give it up which means he may have to “become ill” and or incapacitated. They could then use this “decline” as a rallying point.

The third is that Joe does not go for the deal, but the delegates pick someone else. This is contentious and divisive and the least favorable. Sorry, the least favorable is to let Joe run as is and “hope” for the best. But it seems impossible to me that the Democrat party, blinded as they are by Trump Derangement Syndrome, will let Joe run.

But then, they rigged it for Hillary. Maybe there is a Weekend at Bernie’s plan in play and they are hoping they can pin enough coronavirus destruction to Trump to make a dent. At least in Congress. 

If Trump wins but Democrats take the Senate, they will remove him as quickly as they can which is a bad idea but when has that ever stopped them.

Democrat leadership has yet to learn a single lesson from any of their previous failures where they overstep, expose their own flank, and suffer the consequences. Removing Trump after 2020 probably kills their chances in 2022 and 2024, but I don’t think they care about anything but Not Trump.

Not that I’m counting on luck or past proof of failure. Whatever happens, heading into November we need to get the vote out no matter what the Democrats decide to do. It’s up to us to win not to wait for them to lose.