VoterFraud Alert: NH’s Assault-Rep Pushes Ballot Harvesting During House’s Unnecessary All-Nighter - Granite Grok

VoterFraud Alert: NH’s Assault-Rep Pushes Ballot Harvesting During House’s Unnecessary All-Nighter

So what vital business kept the New Hampshire House in session all night? Well, one bill was the already vetoed no-excuse absentee balloting or … more accurately … ballot-harvesting bill:

Rep. Katherine Rogers is perhaps better known as New Hampshire’s “Assault-Rep”:

 A local Democrat and state representative pleaded guilty this morning to assaulting a political opponent during a state Senate ballot recount in November 2016. State Rep. Katherine Rogers, D-Concord, 61, pleaded guilty to the assault charge as part of a plea deal that would help her avoid jail time as well as a fine so long as she stays out of trouble during the next year and attends anger management classes during the next 90-days. Both Rogers and the victim – Susan Olsen, a former state representative candidate from Warner and a well-known 2nd Amendment rights activist – were in Concord District Court on Dec. 22, 2017, for the plea and sentencing. 

Back on Nov. 16, 2016, during the recount for the District 7 state Senate seat held at the state archives building, Rogers put her arm around Olsen and then struck her with a semi-closed right hand on the side of the head. 

In the complaint, Olsen stated that Rogers was challenging many of the ballots and requested that they be put closer to her so she could see them, according to evidence gathered during the investigation. At that time, Rogers put her hand on her shoulder, as if to hug her, stated that she wanted Olsen to be happy, and then struck her. Olsen warned Rogers that if she touched her again, she’d have her arrested and stated that Rogers – a former county attorney – replied, according to an affidavit, “in a low, mocking, angry whisper,” something to the effect of “Hit me. I know you want to. Go ahead. Hit me.”

Ballot-harvesting is made possible by no-excuse or absentee voting for any reason.  No-excuse absentee voting allows Democrats to identify voters, manipulate them into obtaining absentee ballots, “follow-up” with these voters to “assist” them … make sure they vote Democrat … then collect and submit the ballots.

Essentially, in other words, the no-excuse-absentee-voters operate as figureheads allowing the Democrat Party apparatus to surreptitiously cast hundreds if not thousands of votes. Ballot-harvesting is estimated to have added 250,000 Democrat votes in just ONE county in California, wiping out the GOP.

Suppose it’s only fitting that New Hampshire’s Assault-Rep is the driving force behind this latest Democrat assault on fair elections.