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Hillary 2020

Is Hillary Clinton Running for President in 2020?

The current crop of Democrats vying for the chance to challenge Trump is less than exciting. Bernie, Biden, and Warren are in a statistical dead-heat. Two lying socialists and a creepy guy who can’t remember in which of the 57 states he’s currently propped up.

Why Does That Make Sense?

President Trump spoke at the Teen Student Action Summit. In doing so he shows his commitment to the youth of America. Trump made an appearance at the four-day conference for high school conservatives. The gathering was organized by Turning Point USA. The organizer, Charlie Kirk, said in a video posted to twitter, “We have people …

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Biden Gets A Taste of His Own Medicine

Race-Baiting Democrats Snare One of Their Own

As Democrats embark on their determined quest to unseat President Trump, it’s no coincidence that our national discourse has turned to issues like school busing, racial injustice, and the evils of slavery.  While Democrats seem eager to exploit those issues for political advantage, most Americans believe they belong in the history books. Slavery was never …

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I’m confused….

So, you can’t make a gun out of a strawberry pop tart but you can use the word “bullet” in a letter to the Prez?