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Down on the Plantation

Down on the Plantation

Was Biden’s gaffe of the week a down on the plantation threat? This week we heard Uncle Joe Biden’s comment, “… You ain’t black if you’re not votin’ fer me…” Was this a reflection of more than Biden personally? Was this another forgivable Bidenism or was it something else?

Devil with a Blue Dress On

Houston we have the Blue Dress. Newly declassified documents reveal former President Obama was aware. He was in possession of the details of wiretap phone calls of Gen. Michael Flynn. He was in possession of the information prior to President Donald Trump taking office. The revelation came as a surprise to his deputy attorney general …

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Crazy versus Crazy

The Democrat’s Primary is Down to Crazy versus Crazy

The Democrat Party is offering America an unusual choice, and crazy is winning. The front runner is crazy Uncle Joe Biden. He is obviously struggling to keep it together. The party is providing him with handlers. The public needs protection from the candidate.


Bernie Sweeps to Victory in Nevada While Biden Gets a Lifeline

2020 is shaping up to be a hard lesson for the political elites. If the Bernie Juggernaut keeps this momentum the candidates of choice will both be non-establishment outsiders. The Democrats, of course, will do all in their power to keep Bernie off their ticket. But what does that look like?