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Biden OMB pick

Biden Nominee Not Likley to Be Confimred

Biden OMB pick, Neera Tanden, is the administration nominee to lead the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). She is a hyper-partisan Leftist. Her nomination is facing bipartisan opposition. Senator Joe Manchin came out against her confirmation. Joining Manchin are Senators Collins and Romney.


Parler is Back!

Parler’s reboot went live yesterday (ish). I could not log in until today (they are working out the kinks), but it is there and not without some intrigue. The Left’s media war on the platform continues as it suggests Parler is back thanks to some colluding with a company that has ties to (you guessed …

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Biden WH hearts

Silenced Equals Speech – Division is Unity

Like any good puppet, Joe Biden is promoting the approved narratives. This time it is, giant platitude-bearing hearts littering the White House Lawn. Mz Biden is credited with the display. Unity, kindness, Love, Compassion. Have they heard of the Democrat majority Congress?

Cult of personality

Let Me See if I Understand This…

A big issue with former President Trump is that he accepted, fostered or encouraged a “cult of personality.” Remember former President Obama, the Bringer of Light, who was going to heal and unify the country? Remember the online video of Leftist celebrities pledging to serve him, rather than the country?

Hillary CNN Civility

Hillary Said ‘No Peace Unless We Win.’ They Won, and Declared War

This is hardly breaking news, it is a presumed fact every time her lips are moving. Hillary Clinton lied. But given the recent focus on violent rhetoric (of the impeachable sort, not the real-world variety) this seems relevant. In October of 2018, Miz Clinton said there could be no peace unless we (Democrats) win.