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Obama’s DHS to Skip Murphy: YOU are a Terrorist!

Bumped / Updated from April 21, 2009.  Again, you never fail to find stuff you never remember when you go searching into our Archive. Once again, here’s proof that the Left doesn’t give up.

omg Democrats prefer -Joe-Biden

Racist, Sexist Joe Biden

Some good news … for a change. The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals struck down the Biden administration’s policy of prioritizing COVID spending to nonwhites and women:

Joe Biden Screen Grab

Biden vs. Reagan

THIS.  Biden is not just an IMPOSTER-President. He is also a FIGUREHEAD-President. The executive branch is being run by Obama’s “people.” How they must chuckle at how they fooled voters into believing that Trump was the threat to democracy, when they have been the ones subverting the democratic process all along.  

Joe Biden wink

Media Palace Guards on Biden’s Folksy Demeanor…

Covering for Democrats is what the corporate media does, but with Biden, it’s getting embarrassing. In its latest effort to burnish Joe’s image, both the lunchbox and the commander and chief “inaction” figures, it ran this ridiculous puff piece of a headline that made me laugh out loud.

Biden Elected King

That’s a Hard NO, Joe.

This: That’s a hard NO, Joe. For one thing, you have no legal authority to dictate such a rule. For another, masks do NOT work, and are unhealthy: The physical properties of medical and non-medical facemasks suggest that facemasks are ineffective to block viral particles due to their difference in scales [16], [17], [25]. According to the current …

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It’s not chess; it’s just the classic shell game

USA Today recently ran a lengthy article analyzing the challenges that President Biden faces as he deals with the immigration problem on our southern border.  Written by an ensemble of well-respected journalists, the piece was entitled “High-level chess”: How Biden is navigating his relationship with Mexico’s President ‘AMLO.’  The article was accompanied by a photo …

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