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CATO: NH Ranks #2 in the Nation for Economic Freedoms

CATO’s Freedom in the 50 States is out, and as usual, New Hampshire Ranks near the top. This year’s survey put the Granite State at number two for economic and social freedom, behind Florida, but notes that New Hampshire is the most improved state overall.

Chris Wallace

Blogline of the Day – Chris Wallace, Emasculated

Yes, the insufferable, arrogant and condescending guardian of the DC swamp gates is once again pearl-clutching, after being exposed as the insufferable leftist hack he is by the sunlight that is our president.

Mask burning party outside Ohio city hall

We Can’t Live if We Are Always Afraid

It’s time to get over the panic and fear and get back to work. The President left the hospital the other day. He had a simple message for the American people. He said do not live in fear or let the fear of this virus “dominate” your life.

Trump Flags Monument

President Trump Gets COVID19 – GOOD!

That was my first reaction  (GOOD!) upon learning that President Donald J. Trump had come down with the Wuhan Flu.  (I just named it for the place it came from like the Spanish Flu came from Spain and German Measles came from Germany, etc.).