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Sorry, July 2019 was NOT the Hottest on Record

I’ve been making jokes all year (every year?) about the media announcing how any given month is the hottest on record. It pushes the Climate Cult dogma. Have to keep the narrative rolling. So, what about July 2019? They’re trying.

Ilhan Omar

Why Is Ilhan Omar Not Treated Like David Duke?

Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota did an Al Jazeera interview. In that piece, she claimed Americans should be fearful of white men. The reason to fear white men is they are “causing most of the deaths within this country.” What do you think? Is this racist?

Trump Manchester Rally Pic

Manchester Trump Rally – the “Empty Seat” conspiracy theory. Bunk!

UPDATED and BUMPED: Seems to be standard fare – Trump makes a claim, his critics say he’s wrong, then he’s proved right.  You’d think the critics would learn that he’s playing them but Stupidity reigns supreme!  Check this out:  Sorry Elton John, your record’s not still standing: Fire marshal says Donald Trump’s boast that he …

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