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Creepy Uncle Joe Finally Wins a Primary

Joe biden

Joe Biden finally locked down a much-needed win in South Carolina. Even so, his campaign is struggling heading into Super Tuesday. Bernie has taken second place with Buttigieg third.

After the drubbing in New Hampshire Biden left early to defend his “firewall” in South Carolina.  He lost Iowa and New Hampshire back to back to rivals Buttigieg and Sanders. Biden has rounded up a number of endorsements and hit the campaign trail. He needed this win. It was must win and he did deliver.

He has been raising significant amounts of money. The Democrat establishment is hitting the panic button thinking of the potential Sanders nomination. Biden is becoming known as the gaffe master. He has made a series of gaffes. He has also failed to impress at debates in the Palmetto State.

Recently Sanders has been closing the gap on Biden in national polls. This is raising additional questions about whether Biden’s campaign can survive coming contests. This makes the positioning of Bloomberg the more important on Super Tuesday.

Early voting in Super Tuesday states is already underway. Sanders is already leading the early vote tallies by a wide margin in California. Polling in Colorado shows Sanders in the lead there. Biden is ahead in Texas in Texas. This makes the votes Bloomberg picks up very expensive but potentially even more important if the convention is brokered. Hooray, Creepy Uncle Joe finally wins a primary.