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Democrat Results Are In

Democrat Results Are In

Will you look at that. We have Democrat results.  They finished the primary and actually got the votes counted. It was a truly confidence-inspiring moment to see New Hampshire get through the process without a dumpster fire. As if there was ever any doubt.

Bernie was the top vote-getter as expected. He is, in the final analysis from Vermont, the state that is to the left of both New Hampshire, Venezuela, and Argentina.

The best of the rest

The rest of the field is shaping up as an interesting result. Going in it seemed logical Warren would have lied her way into second. She too lives in the neighboring commonwealth, Massachusetts. But that did not happen. Fauxcahontas is in deep trouble with her fourth-place trophy.

She’s not going to get 15%, not going to get delegates.  She came, she slipped, and she fell. Her chances are greatly diminished with the loss. Lieawatha loses. She’ll be gone after super Tuesday. Instead, it looks like the bumble may be between Buttigieg and Sanders. Amazingly the Democrats seem torn between the small town socialist mayor and the small state communist senator.

The chat point for the evening was Klobuchar. Before New Hampshire, it was “Amy who?” Now the pundits have her charging. Well, maybe but it is more Warren and Biden collapsing. Both were expected to challenge Bernie. Neither is going to break 15%. Put a fork in them they are done.

Sucking up support

Only the first three candidates are leaving the state with delegates. To get delegates requires finishing above the 15% threshold.  The interesting thing is that Klobuchar was sucked up by the vacuum created by the Warren-Biden Collapse. Their loss does seem to redound to the two front runners.

Klobuchar was the only person in the last debate expressing concern about running a socialist for president.  That was odd because she basically is a socialist too. She supports socialist policies. She just thinks telling people what she will do is harmful to campaigning.

You know, she expresses the Democrat position for the last 70 years. So she paints herself the alternative. She tells people what she’s against. She’s positioning herself as the more subtle Warren. The one who can fool people into thinking she’s more moderate and more independent than Sanders.

Amy likes prosecuting people

She is a former prosecutor. She doesn’t appeal to a lot on the left. So the question is whether she can sustain the position. Is she surging or just getting sucked into the vacuum created in the collapse. Does it raise the question of a three-way battle or a brokered convention? No, not really. The Democrats are going to have a brokered convention. The money in the party hates Bernie. Anyone paying attention knows that.

The choices did narrow in New Hampshire.  Gone are Andrew Yang and Michael Bennet. And then there were 167 remaining. Who knows what the Dems are doing?  The early starters are dropping out and the billionaires keep jumping in. Who says the Dems don’t like big money in politics? Yup, the Democrat results are in and they are clear as mud. Go, Donald, Go, Donald, Go Donald…