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Fossil fuel feeding tanker truck cars

Another Monday Midday Meme Storm

While COVID19 and vaccine memes seem to be more popular than ever, I’ve taken this opportunity to include something besides COVID-related content for this week’s Monday Midday Meme Storm.

Don't be like there when you come here!

Promoted from the Comments: Don’t Be like There When You Come Here!

Prolific commenter NHNative had posted the above on Steve’s “NH Dem – Religious Liberty is Extremist!” post and wondered if GraniteGrok could make some up as fundraisers. It is something that a lot of NH Natives (and long-term non-natives like me as well) keep saying.

Hate crimes by race

The Truth Hurts and Spoils the Critical Race Theory Narrative

The problem isn’t the number of guns in the US (estimated now at around 400 million) but the culture of those that have them. Culture counts and a culture that doesn’t value life has chart results like this. If you need any more proof, look at the stats in Chicago after almost every weekend.

USA Stressed Flag Cracks

The Occupation of America

Friends and colleagues have asked me why I have stopped writing articles related to Islam and its perpetual threat to the United States of America. My answer is simple. America has a much bigger problem than Islam.

Stand for Something

Speak Truth Firmly to Evil

America has been the anchor of western civilization for the last century. Today we no longer articulate our values and principles. We listen constantly to leftist crap. This is the reason we have drifted so far off our moorings. It is time to stand for something.