Surprise! “Hook-up App” Tinder Discourages Bashing Virginity

If you have not already heard about Tinder, it is a dating app. It has mostly become known for its culture of casual dating and “hooking up” “Recently, Tinder sent out their weekly newsletter, one that I got word of, which included a surprising article that took me by surprise.


Beating on Conservatives Still not a Hate Crime?

If you had not heard yet, Leadership Institute Field Representative Hayden Williams was attacked and beaten at Berkeley. The conservative was tending a table for Turning Points USA when Zachary Greenburg and a second unidentified individual approached him. An altercation ensued that was caught on video.

Gucci Blackface Sweater cropped

Quick Shot: Gucci pulls ‘blackface sweater’

No, GraniteGrok is not becoming a fashion blog. But when ‘fashion’ collides with left-wing identity politics, twice in one day, we’ll try to be there. And here we are. Gucci has a sensitivity problem. No, it’s not the cut or the fabric it’s the color. 

Julian Edelman white privilege?

A New Reason to Hate Them: The New England Patriots Represent White Privilege

No one can win this much. It’s not possible, even after witnessing the come back against the Falcons. The come back against a lot of teams, in a lot of big games. Fans of everyone but the New England Patriots insist they cheat. Own the refs. Even people who stopped watching the NFL are aware …

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Fatimah Shah

“Diversity” Culture Clash – Muslims Vs. Gays…

England has broken new ground in the culture war. A Muslim woman has removed her child from a school with predominantly Muslim children. Why? They are teaching something called CHIPS. “Challenging homophobia in primary schools – and it’s totally against Islamic beliefs.”