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Shouldn’t the Climate Cult Divest Itself from Tom Steyer’s Dirty Coal Money?

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Long before creepy hedge-fund manager Tom Steyer was a political force, he ran a company and got uber-rich off dirty coal. His influence in this area will be felt across India, China, and South East Asia for decades. Put another way, his green activism and green campaign are run on dirty coal money.

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We were talking about Steyer’s coal hypocrisy six years ago when Senator Jeanne Shaheen dined at the billionaires California ranch (Grass-fed beef was reportedly on the menu). That was the year Steyer said he was buying the US Senate for Democrats for which we are eternally grateful: Republican’s regained the Senate majority that election for the first time since 2006.

Two years earlier, Steyer gathered together some wealthy and powerful leftists to come up with ways to make “… the climate threat feel real, immediate and potentially devastating to the business world.”

Nothing suspicious about that. Making it feel real. Immediate. Potentially devastating. That sounds like fraud. Well, it is, and this from the billionaire who got dirty rich from dirty coal.

They, Steyer, Bloomberg (yes, that one) but mostly Steyer, dumped a small fortune into trying to buy that devastating feeling.” Not his best investment. But they formed (Grass-Fed?) activist groups, like NextGen Climate Action. And even Steyer’s Presidential campaign; which is focused on top-down totalitarian Climate Action.

TOM STEYER: “I will declare a state of emergency on climate on the first day of my presidency. I will use the Executive emergency powers of the presidency to tell companies how they can generate electricity, what kind of cars they can build — on what schedule, what kind of buildings we’re gonna have, how we are going to use our public lands.”

These efforts are all paid for (more or less) with dirty coal money.

Do climate kiddies care? Probably not. They are all an ends-justifies-the-means lot, including lousy street theater, property crimes, sabotage, and even violence.  The NH chapter of (whose national founder was at that 2012 meeting at casa de Steyer), have been arrested for theft and, yes, trying to block a coal train.

And backed by Steyer money, they are living and breathing on the dime of a man who has grown wealthy on some of the dirtiest foreign fossil fuel energy development possible. All of which will be burning dirty coal in China and India for decades. Making everything we do here little more than handicapping ourselves, our lives, and our economies, to (though I doubt to) assuage Tom Steyer’s guilt. 

And while Tom will never be without power, much like those folks running the growing economies of India and China, you’ll be looking for it despite having nowhere to move or go because to even begin to come close to meeting our power needs with so-called renewables, we’ll have to cover nearly every bit of open space with windmills and solar panels.

All of which, by the way, is not very good for the environment. And neither is Tom Steyer. But he’s running as the Climate candidate and does that explain why he’s doing so poorly? The whole scheme is just a mule for socialism, and Bernie, Liz, and even Pete are better socialists than hedge-fund billionaire Tom Steyer.

But for you greens who think it’s still about the planet, if you have even a shred of integrity, you’ll deny him the opportunity to spend his dirty coal money to advance your agenda.