Climate Strike is Not About the Climate - Founder of Extinction Rebellion (XR) Says XR It Isn't Either - Granite Grok

Climate Strike is Not About the Climate – Founder of Extinction Rebellion (XR) Says XR It Isn’t Either

Climate Drag Queens - Climate Strike and extinction rebellion

Climate Strike’s manifesto says a lot about social justice and very little about the climate.  It is a communist movement with socialist social and economic priorities. Would you be surprised to learn that Extinction Rebellion is no different?

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Stuart Basden is a founding member of the movement. And while the climate is the vehicle (and certainly of some concern), the real goals are something different. It’s about ending white supremacy, patriarchy, and Eurocentrism.

Euro-Americans violently imposed and taught dangerous delusions that they used to justify the exploitation and reinforced our dominance, while silencing worldviews that differed or challenged them. The UK’s hand in this was enormous, as can be seen by the size of the former British empire, and the dominance of the English language around the world. There is stark evidence that everyday racial bias continues in Britain, now, today. It’s worth naming some of these constructed delusions that have been coded into societies and institutions around the world:

Extinction Rebellion (XR) was formed to end the economic and social success or Western Civilization. Which has, by the way, lifted more people of color out of poverty than any other social and economic system in human history.

But enough about that. Inculcating the seeds of communist infiltration via climate theater is indifferent to the progress made possible by the “oppression” of European colonialism and specifically, the imposition of natural rights or government tyranny in the wake of the British Empire.

Or, something.