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67 NH Climate Activists Arrested for Trying to Steal Buckets of Coal from Merrimack Station


NH 350 Action’s home page has a list of checkboxes. Like any “movement,” this Climate Action group wants to know how you think you can help. But nowhere on the list does it say “stealing.” So, why were 67 NH ‘activists’ arrested at Merrimack Station in Bow yesterday?

‘Action’ is another word for theft.

“They were all there waiting for us all,” Rebecca Beaulieu, a climate organizer with 350 New Hampshire Action, told Earther. “Large police presence and state troopers on the roads around the plant as well. The police who arrested those who went over the barricade into the coal plant appeared to be wearing riot gear.”

Climate activists dressed up like cleanroom zombies, carrying shovels. Riot gear was probably a good idea.

And theft makes sense in this context. Nothing 350 NH Action (the Climate Disobedience Center, and Nonviolent Citizen Action) want can be achieved without theft. The entire Climate Cult exists to redistribute someone else’s wealth. Yours.

Bucket of Coal vs. Climate Activists

Steal some coal. A few buckets (less) of carbon burned and released into the air. That appears to be their plan. Maybe bring it to a NH House hearing or something.

To get the coal, you have to steal it and by all accounts they showed up for their thievery in Tyvek full body covers. I’m basing that on the reporting of the test-run. Can anyone guess what the carbon footprint is for those?

Tyvek is (as are most of these suites) a chemically spun plastic fabric. Manufactured, tested, packaged, transported, delivered, worn, then disposed (along with some coal dust, I’d imagine). Each of those steps has a carbon footprint. 

And Tyvek is made by Dow Chemical. Use your iPhone to call someone and ask if that was the environmentally sound choice?

Oh, did you drive there? Asking for a friend. Then there’s this.

“The Central New Hampshire area has made significant strides towards improved air quality in the last several years,” said EPA Regional Administrator Dennis Deziel. “We are pleased to be able to re-designate this area to attainment and not only celebrate an improved environment, but also reduce regulatory requirements and maintain good air quality.”

New Hampshire’s air-quality now meets national standards thanks to efforts by Merrimack Station to reduce SO2 emissions. A 98% reduction. To produce affordable electricity to charge electric cars and iPhones.

I know, the climate cult is worried about CO2. The colorless, odorless, trace gas without which the planet cannot live. Plant fertilizer. But not enough to measure whether the things they used to plot, execute, and steal some coal had a significant enough footprint all their own to make the “action” pointless. Another problem that plagues that “movement.”

Well, not so much a problem as a function. The point of all this has nothing to do with climate. Those who engage in action and don’t know that might deserve out pity, but I’d rather make fun of them.

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