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Ask a Democrat About Open Borders in a Coronavirus World


Most of America is not all-in on this open-borders quid-pro-quo. Your money (welfare, food stamps, housing) in exchange for votes for Democrats. But let’s put that problem aside for a moment. The borderless utopia doesn’t just allow drugs and gangs and potential Democrat constituents into the country.

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Numerous third world diseases, long stamped out in the West, have begun to proliferate in Democrat-run sanctuary cities. Carried here through lax or non-existent border policies promoted by Democrats during the Obama Administration.

Gang violence, human trafficking and the sex trafficking of women and children go unchecked across an open border.

The Opioid crisis is another form of infection directly connected to this practice. So, imagine a borderless world where those infected with novel Coronavirus (7-10 day gestation period) wander indiscriminately into nations without either the infrastructure or political will to stop them?

The schemes of all the Democrat Candidates for President (and very likely your Democrat reps in Congress) would dismantle the checks and balances not just on their own power but that secure our border.

Our government was created to protect our natural rights. To secure our liberties for ourselves and our posterity. It is not tasked with much else, not officially. But in a Democrat majority government, we would be disarmed and left helpless by the same people who, as a matter of policy, invite the trafficking of crime, drugs, and contagious disease into our cities, towns, schools, and neighborhoods.

It is a strange contradiction.

The world has borders to define political boundaries but the party most obsessed with politics and (imposing) boundaries (Democrats) wants nothing to do with border security. At least until they have the one-party state.

At which point, if history is any guide, you find it increasingly difficult to come or go as you please.