Washington State 'Free College' Promise Collapsing Before it Gets Started - Granite Grok

Washington State ‘Free College’ Promise Collapsing Before it Gets Started


Giving away other people’s money is the foundation of Democrat Party Politics. You’ve been wronged, give us power and we’ll make sure someone else pays to “fix it.” 

The K-12 public school takeover has destroyed education but continues to fill Democrat campaign coffers. The cure for this failure (they say) is to fund it with more of your money. Even though there is no correlation between spending and achievement.

Lowering higher education is the next logical step. Expand your government money laundering market share.

Colleges are already grinding federal backed student loans into white tower liberal power. The government took over the student loan business to launder money. Drive-up tuition costs. Finance useless social justice degree programs. Enrich liberal professors and administrators. Then cry foul at all the debt and demand loan forgiveness, with your money.

That’s the flanking maneuver. 

The frontal attack is not much different. Declare a college education a right and demand we make it free, or really cheap. Then tax someone else to pay for it. That’s the plan up and down the Democrat ticket. And in Washington State, they passed a law to make it happen.

Washington lawmakers made national headlines when they promised to use a new business tax to make tuition at public colleges significantly more affordable — or free — for students across the state, starting in the 2020-2021 school year.

But now, after 31,000 students have submitted financial-aid forms, lawmakers and government officials are questioning whether the tax raises enough money to keep their promise.

This is just like the taxpayer-backed medical boondoggles. Every state that tried it couldn’t fund it. Sorry, they couldn’t fund it and stay in power. In the case of Washington State, 

The bottom line: Without changes to the law, the government could be several million dollars short of meeting its promise each school year. The state didn’t take into account how students would use the Washington College Grant, and overlooked issues with collection of the tax.

The tax was created to make it appear as if only certain beneficiaries of the newly college-educated would pay.

The law included a description of the types of businesses subject to the surcharge, but according to the agency tasked with collecting the tax, the language is so complex that it anticipates trouble with getting companies to pay. So far, some smaller businesses, such as doctor’s offices, have requested an exemption.

The liberal response? We need 28 million forms the general fund to keep this sucker afloat this year!

An estimate from the state Office of Financial Management projects this shortfall will swell to nearly $50 million a year by fiscal year 2023, as more high school graduates start college.

Translation: When we said Amazon and Microsoft were going to pay for this (someone else) we meant everyone has to pay for our giveaway. How many suckers believed them?

How many more suckers are there playing make-believe with other people’s money? The entire Democrat party, for starters and those who keep electing them into office.

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