Democrat Socialism is Greed at the End of a Gun - Granite Grok

Democrat Socialism is Greed at the End of a Gun

Gun barrel muzzle

No human being is immune to greed. Avarice. Lust (for power). Nor are they immune to what we sometimes refer to as the Seven Deadly sins. It is human nature. The best we can do is find ways to limit it. The founders thought this critical to the matter of government.

As we watch the Democrats parade around the nation claiming a higher calling understand this. They mean to replace as much of what we call open markets or market forces with government interventions. From regulation to complete monopolies.

Why does this matter? Greed.

For all its flaws the free market, which assumes greed as an ingredient, creates an environment where it must compete with itself for attention. No one is required to buy trade or sell anything. Millions of individuals make decisions based on their own needs. Price and value have more meaning.

There is always room for a new innovation to compete with industry stalwarts at every level or production and delivery. Anyone who can envision a way to make it better or more affordable can compete and win. Customers and investors are free to support these ideas or discard them.

As a community, we have rules we have a few rules in place (as few as possible) to address greed ex post facto when it has clearly crossed a redline to the detriment of free markets, consumers, and good faith competition. 

When the government intervenes through legislation, regulation, taxation, or by assuming control of a product, market, or sector, this greed not only has no competition, it has the force of law behind its monopoly.

In the Free market, a business owner cannot fine you, jail you, or punish you for making some other choice. Their greed is entirely at your disposal.

Government greed is total. And it is an intervention that leaves you less than no choice. There is no competition, no market forces to set value, quality, or control cost and pricing. There is nothing to weed out bad ideas and reward good ones.

Democrat Socialism is greed at the end of a gun.

You pay for the product or service through fees, tariffs, levies, or taxes whether you need it, want it, can afford it or even use it.

This force not only limits your choices by taking them away, but it also reduces your ability to use earnings diverted by the state to make decisions anywhere else in the marketplace, whether you are an employee, employer, or investor.

All control is wrested from you to the machine of the state. A condition that once established, can rarely if ever be liberated without a greater act of force than that which controls it. And as much as you might dismay at the challenges of a free market, never give your government a monopoly on greed.