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Yet Another Example of Public Schools Telling Parents, “screw you!”


Any time you hear about “social justice” in schools, yank children out of there any way possible – “Social Justice” is nothing more than Leftist indoctrination of your precious ones.

I’ve been writing about the after-effects of Governor Sununu signing that horribly written bill, SB263, that created yet ANOTHER protected class of people (yeah, so much for E Pluribus Unum anymore).

And how the Gilford School Board has “popped the clutch” in instituting the anti-Constitutional Policy JBAB on transgender “rights” that violate everyone else’s First Amendment Rights.

In doing so, it has become clear that the Gilford School Board is placing itself above Parental Authority and above the need to notify Parents in certain issues (“Our guidance councilors believe their clients are the students and not the parents”). You can thank Superintendent Kirk Beitler for these words of wisdom.

Be that as it may, here’s even MORE fodder to pull their kids out of government schools as quickly as possible (reformatted, emphasis mine):

Social justice program says teachers should ‘reject and resist’ parents who disagree with it

A social justice schooling program meant to train teachers in eliminating racial disparities between students also instructs them how to treat individuals who disagree with the program’s ideas, ordering them to “explicitly reject and resist” parents and other outsiders who take issue with the curriculum’s content. A spokesperson for the company refused to directly address this mandate even after being asked about it multiple times.

And that would certainly mean Parents.  Who do these people think they are?  Parents have the Constitutional responsibility for their children – and are the Employers of these staff members in the schools where this kind of Democrat / Socialist diversity is one reason why little Johnnie and Janie can’t read, write, ‘rithmetic, or reason.

The program, called “Deep Equity,” is offered by Corwin Press, a subsidiary of SAGE.  According to its website, the program was developed by Gary Howard, a self-proclaimed civil rights activist with experience in “social justice, equity, education, and diversity.” Reached via email, a Corwin spokesperson said the program “examines the diversity of schools across many dimensions—race, gender, class, language, sexual orientation, faith, ability, and more—from both a historical and lived experience.”

“It is based on the belief that the causes of educational disparities are many and complex; they are not merely based on race, but tied to a range of differences and challenges students and teachers bring to school,” the official added, writing that the program “provid[es] teachers with a fluid and holistic way of understanding cultural lenses and avoiding placing fixed identity markers on anyone.”

As opposed to, you know, actual student achievement in the subjects for which we hire these folks to do?  Time spent on PC stuff is less time on the actual things they need to learn. It also is in complete contradiction in how most religious and conservative parents are trying to teach at home.  And this program and its acolytes are not just about the indoctrination, it all about fighting those parents that object to the program:

Program instructs teachers on ‘dealing with resistance’

In addition to its extensive material on social justice, the Deep Equity program also urges participants to align against anyone who objects to the program’s claims about race and racism. A series of slides associated with Deep Equity, available on Corwin’s website, makes this dictate unambiguous.

“As leaders for Systemic Equity, we must explicitly reject and resist any attempts by anyone in our school district or in the larger community who claims that educational disparities are caused only by poverty. Inequities based on race are real…Race denial perpetuates the problem,” one slide says.

The Corwin spokesperson dodged repeated questions about this material. Responding to an initial query of several questions, among which was a question about the “reject and resist” instructions, the official wrote at one point: “Deep Equity welcomes all opinions from parents and others in the community and thrives when a variety of perspectives are discussed openly. While it is based on certain evidence-based tenets and embraces research over other forms of information, we’ve found that conflicting opinions can lead to incredibly valuable conversations.”

Yeah, that’s a politically correct dodge if I’ve ever heard one.  Even eclipses some of what Kirk Beitler been trying to use against answering my Right To Know requests (as well as others submitting them). Wonder if he’s been trained by these folks?

The Fix followed up with a more pointed query, asking as a yes-or-no question whether or not Deep Equity encourages teachers to resist those with opposing views. The Corwin official offered an identical response…Asked the same question regarding Deep Equity’s instructions on rejecting opposing views, parent company SAGE Publishing did not respond. Gary Howard also didn’t return requests for comment.

On another slide from the presentation, participants are asked: “Doing this work with your colleagues, what might be some resistance BEHAVIORS you will encounter? What might be some of the different SOURCES of this resistance? What are some possible RESPONSES that you and your team could make to deal with these types of resistance? How might some of the activities we have done here be used to either prevent resistance, or limit its impact?”

This isn’t teaching – this is “blocking and tackling” in the service of a Leftist ideology for the subversion of our little ones.

Organized into a victim hierarchy

Elsewhere the slideshow presents a “Dominance Paradigm” that is apparently supposed to represent that of a non-social justice worldview. It offers numerous examples of one group dominating another, such as human beings over nature, males over females, whites over other races, Christianity over other religions, even “abled” over “disabled” people and “Heterosexual over Other Sexual/Gender Identities.”

The presentation also puts forth a “White Allies Action Agenda,” which instructs people to “see race,” acknowledge the reality of racism and white privilege, and educate other white people. The material also encourages participants to use their “privilege to work for racial and social justice.

Gosh, and I thought schools were to be teaching the basics; yet now we know why America’s kids suck at standardized tests that should be telling parents “WHY are we spending such monies just to see our kids falling further and further behind??? In our school district, costs are WAY up yet student achievement, that thing we should be seeing as a final result, are flat at best and down at worst. Here’s that now-famous Cato Institute that sadly sums everything up – and it’s not good:

And it hasn’t gotten any better since then.

My question to the fools that have implemented, like I continue to ask the leadership in my district, what were your metrics?

  • What are you trying to achieve?
  • Why is your current program insufficient?
  • What are your markers to show X% improvement?
  • How will you know that you have met or broken past them?
  • How was your control section(s) set up?

Questions like these (and a whole lot more) need to be asked at every budget process meeting of any curriculum changes. For instance, when there was a discussion of how would the District know that a new Math program would be successful, Superintendent Kirk Beitler responded with “in 7 years, we’ll have higher high school graduation rates.”.

I kid you not – that was his answer even after he saw my jaw drop and I tried a few other ways to get a real answer out of him. In the end, my only response could be “you don’t have a clue, do you?”  Silence was the response.  Only three schools in our District and under NH law, we don’t even need this $100,000+ guy at the top (and at the time, a Curriculum Director who had no idea of how to answer what I thought were rather simple scientific method / financial management – Steve Tucker has now failed upward to head up the Laconia School District).

Again, this is in line with the philosophy of Hillary Clinton and Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry who believe that your children really belong “to Society and not parents”.

Parents no longer, according to them, belong in the educational path of their children, all of their smooth words to the contrary.

(H/T: The College Fix)