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NH Election Law: Mayor Pete is Lying Out His Buttigieg

Mayor Pete Buttigieg

Mayor Pete is sticking his Buttigieg where it doesn’t belong. He’s standing with the NH ACLU and college students, some of whom could be from Indiana, where they have a residency requirement for voting and no same-day registration.

The New Vanilla Obama (the old one dropped out) is running TV ads too. He wants you to imagine the first day after Trump is no longer President. It’s this sunny shining inspiring moment. It’s actually a great commercial if you have Trump Derangement Syndrome. The reality (of course) is a bit more chilling.

The first day after a Trump presidency, unless we elect another swamp-draining outsider like Mr. Trump, will be a victory for the ruling class. Regardless of party registration.

The sort of people who spy on their citizens and political opponents. A government that wants to tax you so badly they create unelected commissions to do it so they can absolve themselves of electoral accountability. A collective that sighs with pleasure at the idea of compelling speech and infringing on your right of assembly and religious conscience.

A borderless nation where rising crime empowers a police state that has no obligation to defend you from the chaos the ruling class creates.

It’s not just Democrats. There are plenty of progressives hiding under the GOP’s big tent. Folks who put government first and would be happy for a seat near the table as long as they get to bask in that inside the beltway glow created by mountains of burning money. Yours.

Up your Buttigieg is just another bit player in this political theater looking for a lead role. To get there from here, he needs to be a pander-bear. Look at this awful law that says you have to live in New Hampshire to vote here like we have in Indiana. Someone is suppressing your votes.

He’s lying out his Buttigieg. Or, at the very least pandering to the lie.

The only ones suppressing student voting are Democrats. Kids who should be voting in their own states are told to vote here. It’s crucial to them because they are super-majority Democrat voters. If students were mostly Republican-leaning, we’d have one of the most comprehensive education campaigns in the nation to show “students” how to vote absentee (like those kids who live in Bedford that travel out of state for college).

And residency laws prohibiting them from voting in the Granite State. And that would be a good thing.

Instead, we get ass-hat leftist douchebags from states with voting residency laws telling us it’s wrong and confusing.

The only thing that makes it confusing are Democrats because they want to use those votes to steal elections in New Hampshire. And that includes the sun rising on a new day Democrat Pander-bear Pete Buttigieg.

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