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It Has To Stop – Take These Off of Our Children!

This is powerful stuff right here. A mom uses her two minutes before a school board to make the case that needs making all over America. Right here in New Hampshire. You talk about social-emotional health then torture little kinds with mask mandates when they are not even at risk.

Teacher and student

5 Class Management Tips for Teachers

Classrooms are made of different students. While some learn fast, others may take time to absorb the course content. Moreover, students come from different backgrounds, which means that you cannot approach them the same way. As a teacher, your responsibility is to ensure that students record exemplary academic performances. Why is it crucial to manage …

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Public school graduates – How Do You Spell GRADUATION?

Some recent NH public school students have posted “I Did It!” signs in their yards congratulating themselves for graduating high school. That is fine. Since we are supporting NH public education with this new, fashionable, public announcement, I have another suggestion. See if you think this is a good idea.