Lesbian Turned Trans-Guy Wonders Why Women Won't Date 'Her' - I Have Some Advice - Granite Grok

Lesbian Turned Trans-Guy Wonders Why Women Won’t Date ‘Her’ – I Have Some Advice


First, you sexualize the culture. Make it all about intersecting genitals. Then you insist the genitals don’t matter? And when people don’t want to go along for that ride, you call them bigots. Well, now.

Everyone knows that sex “sells.” It’s a political tool too – using that attraction to destabilize family, religion, and culture is not difficult for the sneering Marxist. Make them slaves to their passions, you say, and ruling them will be that much easier.

They are busy screwing and smoking weed and not giving a damn about the next election until they are taxed at 70% (if they could find a job in the new leftist economy). Well, as long as there’s weed and sex. Opiates for the masses. And here’s your paltry subsistence lifestyle stipend. I know we promised you more but the math didn’t work out the way we said (thank Government we disarmed you first!)

But then they took the sex thing out a whole new door.

Don’t they teach Evolution Anymore?

Sex for procreation is the primary animal instinct. Without it, you can’t have evolution by any definition. No species can long survive without it. No future generation with or without mutations, neither micro nor macro. But the more Darwinian your leftists, the more culturally constipated they get when humans shun non-traditional relationships.

So, here comes the new age. Men are women; women are men. Men dressed as clowns read to kids. It’s a circus. Terrorize anyone who dares to question why cutting off a limb is a sign of mental illness but chopping off your sex parts is #woke. Sexual evolution.

Most folks don’t agree, but as with all left-wing engineering, most will sit quietly in the back of the culture bus staring at their shoes. Not daring to poke their heads up. Well, not everyone.

But from that “culture within the culture” are confused people who get more confused when they transition and find themselves unable to date.

That Wasn’t In the Brochure

The problem: no matter when the women find out you’re not a man (a vagina just pretending), they ghost you. We’ve shared stories of men who dress up as women having the same issue with biological men. And the conclusion appears to be that it is unfair and we’re not #woke enough.

That, really, is the whole issue in a nutshell. We hold trans people to a higher standard than anyone else when it comes to dating. We require of them more than we ask of others, all while constantly sending the message that trans people are somehow ‘less than’.

It’s truth in advertising sister brother. Emotional investments, like any other, come with expectations. And while the Left is working on consumer protection laws for Trans, for the time being, people can still decide to whom or what they are attracted.

There will always be some expectation of fraud in dating. Lied about the job, family, history, pretended to care about me, love me. That’s all human nature. But your beef is taking that to a whole new level. And if it troubles you, I’m sorry. 

But it is neither a higher standard nor my problem. As Ben Shapiro so rightly states“I’m not going to modify basic biology because it threatens your subjective sense of what you are.” Neither is anyone else.

If you want to be happy try making relationships about how you can help other people feel wanted instead of how they can help you. If it’s always going to be about you and your view of the world, give up on dating, you’re already doomed.

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