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Julian Castro is Folding his Presidential Primary Tents in New Hampshire


Bobby-O Dropped Out. Kamala closed offices. And now Julian Castro is shuttering campaign space in the Granite State. Effective next week.

The campaign is aiming to focus its resources on Iowa and Nevada, with $50,000 in television ads to go on air in Iowa Tuesday morning. When asked for comment, the campaign referred to a Saturday statement from Castro’s press secretary Sawyer Hackett.

“In pushing to keep Secretary Castro’s critical voice in this race. Our campaign, like many others, will make adjustments in staffing and resources,” Hackett said at the time. “This race is shifting as we speak, and Julián will continue to be fearless and defy expectations by making the most of our resources.”

Comrade Castro is burning through cash and can’t get the polling he needs to make the next debate stage. His RCP average is 0.6%.  He’s polling at 1% in Nevada, so maybe that’s a strong state for him? Seriously? 

I guess he’s not ready to drop out, but if he’s pulling out of New Hampshire, he might as well. Iowa’s cute, and all, but whoever wins here will have momentum actual momentum.

Pro-tip. Stop donating to Castro’s sinking ship. 

Exit Question: Remember when Beto said he was done with politics if he failed to get the nomination? He failed to even make it to a single caucus or primary. Will he keep that promise?

| National Review