Beto Promises Political Suicide if He Doesn't Win Democrat Nomination - Granite Grok

Beto Promises Political Suicide if He Doesn’t Win Democrat Nomination

Beto gets a hair cut

Bobby O’Rourke doesn’t need the job or the hassle or the money. But those are the only reasons why we should take him seriously when he says, “I cannot fathom a scenario where I would run for public office again if I’m not the nominee.”

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I can. Power and the urge to meddle. Oh, and you lied when you said you didn’t want to run for president. And you’re a democrat, so you lie all the time.

Booby-O wants to be vanilla Obama. Losing the nomination at this young an age won’t discourage him from the media glow, and Hollywood acclaim that comes from being a Democrat politician who has been convinced he is destined for great things.

I’d expect at least one book after he drops out. Maybe a trilogy. Some poetry perhaps.

Beto in repose.

And a storied career losing elections and plenty of speaking gigs (haircuts) and opportunities to just be Beto. Another white leftist Socialist appropriating other people’s cultures (and incomes) for their own gain.

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