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Beto is Out – Is Kamala Harris Next? Her Offices Across NH Go Dark

Kamala Harris

Kamala-mala-ding dong, the campaign is dead. Or, at least it seems that way. Kamala’s offices across New Hampshire are locked and unresponsive. Is Harris about follow Beto into Presidential Primary Retirement?

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Should we be surprised? Harris is out of money. The Tulsi Gabbard broadside has done her in, or so it appears.

At her Portsmouth office, a large chalkboard could be seen through the window that reading, “105 days until Feb. 11.” That would have been Oct. 29, the day before Harris’ campaign announced it would lay off dozens of people and redeploy others to Iowa as she hemorrhaged cash. The office was checked four times throughout the day, and each time the doors were locked and lights were out.

The Manchester office is quiet, except for a lone lighthouse keeper who claims all is well. Think sauce for a sick goose.

In Nashua, one of the state’s biggest cities, the only evidence left that Harris had an office there was one line — “Kamala Harris” — on a listing of offices on the fifth floor. A small glass window into Suite 501 showed it to be empty. There was a “Space Available” sign outside the building, though it appeared there were other empty offices in the building.

I’m not saying there aren’t Democrats in New Hampshire who wouldn’t sleep with Kamala Harris to advance her political career. Just not enough of them.

If she even makes it to Iowa, it will be a miracle. If she does, it won’t make any difference. Despite rallying resources to the first caucus state, she’s in tenth place at 2 percent. 

Burning bridges in New Hampshire, to quote New England College of Politics professor Wayne Lesperance, won’t do her any favor with Democrats now or at any point in the future.

I’d also add that it puts a damper on her chances of being picked as a potential VP. Tulsi Gabbard, who is better at angling for that gig to attract the moderate and never Trumper vote, took that form her too.

But, no worries. Harris still has a nearly guaranteed gig as a US Senator from California as long as she wants it. You get to smear Judicial nominees, and I hear the benefits are top-notch.

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