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Don’t “Insult” or Question Islam or its Prophet under penalty of arrest (or worse)!!!

We must defend our values and principles

The legal system in the US (other than in Louisiana) was originally derived from the legal system that prevailed in England for centuries, including the personal freedoms extracted from the King by the Maga Carta.

Even with that long history of personal liberties, the colonists ultimately rebelled against the English Crown’s abuses as enunciated principally in our Declaration of Independence. It is fairly easy to put the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights of the Constitution side-by-side and see how elements of the Bill of Rights were drafted in direct response to various abuses by the English Crown, not the least of which was freedom of speech and security in one’s home.

Thousands of our fellow Americans have fought and died or become maimed to preserve our freedoms given explicit protection in our Constitution.

Unfortunately, England does not have a written constitution. And we all know, or should know, how personal rights to self-defense have been severely eroded in modern-day England. But one would think that England’s long history of the development of personal liberties should still generally hold sway even today and in these times. But that is not the case.

Anyone who has visited England in recent years will no doubt have seen evidence of that country’s being overrun by (often radical) Islamists, much as has occurred in many other European countries.

One of the first steps in the radical Islamization of the West is adoption of sharia law, which includes prohibitions and severe penalties for anything that is deemed to defame Islam or its prophet. Now it seems that such thinking has come to fruition in Merry Olde England where it has infiltrated British law.

Thus, on October 22, in London, the door to the home of a Jewish conservative was broken down by the police, he was handcuffed and thereupon jailed on suspicion of “Islamophobia.”
The lead officer in the “raid,” was reported to be PC Choudhury who is attached to London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s ‘hate crime and hate speech’ unit. The citizen was arrested for ‘Malicious communication and racial and religious hatred’ and placed in handcuffs and taken away to the police station.  I am not making this up!

The police also searched his home and confiscated all of his IT equipment including phones in order to examine them to see if they were related to the ‘offence’ that he had been arrested for. They also took his wife’s computer which is more than little annoying as she needs this machine for her work. And they asked for the citizen’s passwords for his equipment, which he rightfully refused to disclose.
Upon being booked at the police station, he was photographed, fingerprinted and had DNA taken.

Eventually he received advice of counsel (a solicitor in UK-speak) and ended up responding to nearly all police questions with a simple “No comment.”  The equivalent of our right to remain silent under our Fifth Amendment.

The police claimed that they had in possession written correspondence that they believed was between him and others who have challenged both Islam and ‘hate speech’ laws and certain organizations. [So what?]

The citizen believes that the police were trying to prosecute him for memes and for criticism of those groups who receive vast amounts of public money, resources to which he and others do not consider them entitled to have.

After discovering that this British subject was not going to answer any of the police’s questions, he was ultimately released without charge on unconditional bail pending investigation, with the distinct suspicion that his case will go the way of many other similar cases of ‘malicious communication’ and ‘hate speech’ where the long drawn out process of investigation is the punishment or part of the punishment and also a way of intimidating those who engage in ‘wrongthink’.

The present-day British authorities apparently do not want to hear the truth: that the arrestee is a centre rightist Jewish conservative who believes in equality between races, equality between men and women between different sexualities, along with civic nationalism, British values and who is not a member of any extreme party or political grouping. The last party that he was a member of was the Conservative Party which in no way could be called ‘extreme’ by any reasonable person.

The Lessons of the Day: If you don’t think this could happen herein the US, think again.  If this kind of abuse can happen in London, England, it can happen here if we allow it.

Portion of this article were adapted from a first-hand report of the incident appearing on JihadWatch. See and consider signing up for its free daily email briefing.