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Ann Kuster Admits Steve Negron Can Flip Her Congressional Seat

Negron Kuster

The Democrat Presidential field is so weak House Democrats are creating another hoax and using it as an excuse to impeach the President. And New Hampshire Democrat Ann Kuster is proud to stand with them.

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She’s talking about Steve Negron, and he can flip her seat! In part because of the truth surrounding the Ukraine call hoax.

And it is a hoax.

We’ve shared the transcript of the call so that rather than listen to unhinged leftist’s inventing perceptions based on their personal hatred, you can read it and decide for yourself. There’s no there-there. But it gets better for Steve.

He can flip her seat because Annie’s colleagues have lied, mislead, and conspired with insiders to create and perpetuate this hoax. The latest in a series of nearly non-stop assaults on a president who has done better by the middle-class than any president this century. Donald Trump’s economy has created record low unemployment for minorities. A fact congresswoman Kuster can’t even bring herself to acknowledge.

The Trump tax cuts have helped middle-class incomes rise at record rates. Ann Kuster stood with her Democrat colleagues (all of them) and voted against that while insisting it would not help the middle class. She was wrong. (She has also opposed making those same tax cuts permanent).

Does she stand with her colleagues on their plans to repeal them?

Instead of pushing for and passing the new regional trade deal (The USMCA) that is better for American jobs, families, and workers than NAFTA, she and her colleagues sat on their hands.

And she stands with her do-nothing colleagues in congress who have obstructed any other progress that could benefit American families and job creators. The only problem Democrats want to solve is the one where you elected Donald Trump president.  

And she’s scared you’ll do it again and remove her from DC in the process.

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Wave? As in Buh-Bye Ann Kuster?

She’s talking about Steve Negron’s new radio ad tying Annie to the impeachment circus of which she is so proud to be a part. He is holding her accountable to her constituents — the people of New Hampshire whom she has failed to represent in Congress.

We didn’t send her to DC to waste tens of millions of your tax dollars on endless personal vendettas. But that’s all she has to show for being re-elected. That and standing with her colleagues, “defending our democracy.”

Annie, we don’t live in a democracy. We live in a Constitutional Republic. And your support for this latest hoax is why Republicans will flip that seat.

Steve should continue to challenge your misguided priorities. Because they are not New Hampshire priorities, and we need someone in DC who will put New Hampshire first. 

Ann Kuster put’s DC first. Steve is just making it easier for everyone to see that.