Trump Economy Middle-Class Income Gains Four Times Higher Than Obama's - Granite Grok

Trump Economy Middle-Class Income Gains Four Times Higher Than Obama’s


If you take a stroll down memory lane, circa Trump Tax cuts, you’ll find some caterwauling. Democrats called them tax cuts for the rich, big business, and promised to roll them back. But Trump’s economy has been better for the Middle Class than Obama or Bush (combined) – and then some.

The 21st century has been plagued with stagnating wages and a stalled median average income. But Donald Trump broke the cycle. While Obama’s post-recession economy increased average income by about $1000.00 (after seven years), Mr. Trump’s economy has increased it by $5200.00 a year in just three.


Well, now.

The income numbers are prima facie evidence that not only the rich, but the majority of middle-income households have benefited financially from the Trump economic boom. This same data also undermines the other riff from the Elizabeth Warren crowd, which is that the Trump economic boom is merely a continuation of the Obama trend. The income gains are four times higher under Trump in less than half the number of years in office.

And no, the so-called warriors for the middle-class are not happy. The media is out to undermine the data. And the candidates ala Presidential, all claiming they will fight to undo Trump’s works in their name, have some explaining to do.

They won’t. Instead, the ad hominem attacks will continue. The Left’s band will play on – and massive government infringements and free stuff will be the order of the day.

Which, as Skip noted yesterday, is how you become Venezuela.

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