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Kanye West – The Republican Party Freed the Slaves

Kanye - Republicans freed the slaves Prager U

Kanye is a big Trump supporter. A role that has provided him the opportunity to be not just an advocate but a teacher. He’s letting people know something with which they may be unfamiliar. The Republican Party freed the slaves.

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It should be common knowledge. Basic American History. Something they learned from a parent or a teacher. Instead, it is news to many, of adult age, that Democrats didn’t just oppose that freedom, they worked against it for over a century.

An ideological agenda I have suggested continues today. On modern plantations with political masters, most, if not all of whom are Democrats.

Democrats are not interested in freeing people. They are and always will be about finding new paths to slavery. And they will say or do anything to anyone or about anyone to get there. Including lying about the party that freed the slaves, fought for their rights, and most recently opened up the economy to free them from the shackles of government dependency.

Here’s Kanye and then a bit more actual history from Prager U


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