Kanye West - Making Political Decisions Based on Race is 'Mental Slavery' - Granite Grok

Kanye West – Making Political Decisions Based on Race is ‘Mental Slavery’

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Kanye West is an open and vocal supporter of President Donald Trump. Strange bedfellows in the new age of politics. New in ways that the Democrats should fear. Minorities ignoring the noise, stepping up and pointing out that the Democrat Party has not been good for them is not good for Democrats.

Kanye has become a very religious person. I have no idea when he found Jesus, but he incorporates his faith journey into his music and performances. He also makes time to defend his support for Donald Trump and Republicans.

“That’s the Republican Party that freed the slaves,” said West, who defended himself against critics who slammed him for coming out last year as a Trump supporter.

His choice of politics, he argued, is ”my right.”

“And we got the right, right? We got a right to our opinions, right?” he said.

West went on to suggest that making a decision based on one’s race is a “form of slavery.”

You’ll find no argument from me. I have long made the case that the Left’s diversity, equity, and discrimination agenda is cover for ideological supremacy. That nothing about you matters to the left if you do not follow their lead. Toe their line. Lift their narrative bales and tote their political barges. Think Left, or don’t you dare think (or speak or act).

What West calls a form of slavery.

“You black, so you can’t like Trump? I ain’t never made a decision only based on my color,” West said. “That’s a form of slavery, mental slavery.”

He’s correct. And this message is essential. Minorities need to hear it.

The Democrats have been poisoning the minds of millions for decades with lies about the Right. The advance of Donald Trump, thanks to an electoral rebellion by the country class, has put ruling class swamp rats in high dudgeon. It drives everything they do from fake collusion to hypocritical rants about sexism, white supremacy, racism, and insider politics.

All the while, Mr. Trump has pursued colorblind economic policies that are lifting millions of minorities out of the dependency shadow of Democrats and big government. Where the Left did not trust them to run their own lives, Donald Trump said, we’ll get government out of your way (if we can) so you can give it a try.

Choose a path, gains some job skills, improve your own lives an develop your own potential without a by your leave form the left or their blessed budgets, bureaucrats, and regulators.

And while Kanye probably never has to think about money again  (not like most of America) there are plenty of voters who can see and feel the difference the Trump presidency has made in their lives. For those that are not sure, Kanye has some guidance.

The party that did that also freed blacks and made them Americans. It ended Jim Crowe, gave them property rights, and the right to vote. It made them equal before the law and all men. 

Democrats have been driving them back onto and ideological plantation ever since. 

If even a small percentage realizes the truth of any of that, Democrats may never win a national election again. And the black community, and every American, regardless of color, will be much better for it.

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