Beto O'Rouke - Govt WILL mandate what your belief is. HE will decide what you believe in - not your Scriptures. - Granite Grok

Beto O’Rouke – Govt WILL mandate what your belief is. HE will decide what you believe in – not your Scriptures.

“Laws have to be backed up with resources and political will. And deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.” -Hillary Clinton.

Robert Francis (culture appropriator of “Beto”) O’Rourke certainly agrees.  He’s like a swinging machine gun with Progressive “bullets of infringements” as he struggles for any kind of foot hold in the Democrat Primary.  So last night the Dems held their yet another town hall outlining what pandering they were going to do for their constituencies of people of faith LGBTQRSTUV folk.  To be truthful, I didn’t watch it (I might if it is online but 4.5 hours of pretty much the same ideology over and over and over again?  Pretty much, I know what they’ve already been saying loudly and clearly: theologically conservative churches suck because they see homosexual lifestyles as being sinful and thus are an impediment to coerced affirmation of said lifestyles. Besides, any our anti-discrimination laws TRUMP the Freedoms enumerated Freedoms.  Why is it that Progressives / Socialist pander by ignoring their oaths to uphold the Constitution?

Never mind – rhetorical question.  I already know the answer: Power.  All one has to do is LISTEN to what they are saying – every single one of them.  Each and everyone of them have manifested totalitarian views that being President means just being a Socialist King (like Robert Francis) or Queen (notably Elizabeth Warren or Kamala Harris).  Each one has made it clear that they have no problem in ruling by fiat (Executive Order) making Congress even more impotent than what it is now.

For example, what does Robert Francis O’Rourke want to do?  Just like the Soviet Union and Iron Curtain countries last century and what China is now doing: THEY will tell churches what they will believe and preach. In this case, same sex marriage.  Most conservative churches adhere to the Bible’s teachings on this: one woman, one man regardless of the SCOTUS decision.  In the Land of the Free under the Constitution, we have the Right to that Freedom of Expression.

Beto is demanding otherwise. Here’s his first slice:

Got that? If your pastor, preacher, priest, rabbi, or imam sermonizes anything that He, as the Chief Law Enforcer of the US Govt, doesn’t like, the Govt will willfully penalize you. This has been going on for a while (with the brunt of it on wedding photographers, wedding cake designers, stationary printers, and t-shirt makers) and the Mexican cultural name appropriator will promptly be there to make sure that you understand who your new God, your new Moses, your new Mohammed, will be. He has no second thoughts of advancing the agenda that Government should set a new social order.

And even though the audience was a hand picked set of LGBT members and “allies” (I hate that term as much as I do “give back” (as if a free person “owes” something to a community like paying back a loan or taxes).

Is this not the beginning of a State sanctioned church when it substitutes its own values for yours?

Trust me, that won’t be the only thing he’d do to get the votes to have the Power he craves.  Socialism is all about being one’s OWN god – you are your own Higher Power.

Heh! Until someone being an even Higher Power spells out G. U. L. A. G.

(H/T: National Review)