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Dem Gubernatorial Candidate Steve Marchand Wants to Make NH A Sanctuary State

Steve MarchandDemocrat Gubernatorial Candidate Steve Marchand has read the fair-trade responsibly sourced liberal tea leaves. Advocating Far-Left ideas wins Democrat primaries. To that end, he’s decided to share his plan for making New Hampshire into a sanctuary state.

Keep in mind that it is the Sanctuary Status of Lawrence, Massachusetts that makes it the epicenter of opioid and human trafficking into New Hampshire.

Tone-deaf, much?

Marchand’s inspiration comes from California, where Kate Steinle died. And it’s got all the typical nonsense in it, but this is my favorite bit.

Marchand would allow undocumented immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses in New Hampshire. He would also expand in-state public higher education tuition rates to the children of undocumented immigrants if those children have attended an in-state high school for a certain number of years or obtained a GED in New Hampshire.

He didn’t say it, but he wants illegal immigrants to vote in your local elections, and yes, you’ll get called a racist bigot if you object to anything he has planned, revealed or otherwise.

Ultimately, this is about virtue signaling and that’s fine for what its worth but at the end of the day Marchand is a threat. Not because he supports sanctuary or illegal immigrants or whatever the progressive narrative-flavor of the week. Not because his policy would turn New Hampshire into a hideaway for narco-terrorists and human traffickers. He’s dangerous because he has admitted that he is happy to ignore the law when it suits his ideological purposes.

Illegal immigration is against the law. It is illegal. As a Governor he has no power to subvert federal law properly elevated through the constitutional process.

Who among us can say without a doubt that this thinking doesn’t apply to any other law including those that exist to constrain him or his administration?

I can’t believe how incredibly stupid this is, but I will give him credit for one thing. He feels very comfortable unleashing this to win a primary. So what does that mean?

It means that he thinks Democrats in New Hampshire find this desirable. They want it. They want to be able to hide illegal gang members, drug traffickers sex, and human traffickers, and all the violence associated with it inside the borders of the granite state and as long as they don’t get caught they will be free to operate in your towns and cities.

And maybe that will win him the nomination, but that’s never going away. It’s a plan he has to explain and support all the way through the general election. So, I’m glad he did it because now Molly Kelly will have to out-left him. She’s going to need to break news on the next furthest from center wackadoodle thing that progressives  consider “main-stream.”

Nothing the far-left loves is main-stream. Most of it will make the independents cringe. And with cringe-worthy far-left candidates atop the ballot, the down-ticket races can only suffer.

It also compromises everyone in the Party of the left who has ever said anything serious about ending the opioid epidemic, which is tied directly to the policies Marchand is advocating for the entire state.


Correction: While almost purely academic, the reference to Lowell Massachusetts as the locus of drugs into New Hampshire was incorrect. It is Lawrence, Mass. This has been corrected.