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Rep. Dan Crenshaw – Democrats v. Republicans (Democracy v. Republic)

Dan Crenshaw

Some of the usual suspects are once again publicly bashing the Electoral College. DNC communications specialist, Chris Hayes, working at MSNBC, sums up their collective wisdom. The only reason it’s constitutional is that it is in the constitution.

And hey, that really ruins our Democracy. 

It sure does. That was the point.

Not that many if any media talking heads – especially on networks like MSNBC – have any clue as to the form of government in which we live. These purveyors of the public trust. Self-proclaimed educators of the masses. Former gatekeepers of the mass-media message.

No longer.

The internet destroyed that. And while the Democrats and their Journalist allies work hard to control the message, de-platforming, doxxing, Antifa, throttling, Net Neutrality, calling everyone haters and racists, even weaponizing government agencies, the left wonders why we need the Electoral College?

Well, for all the reasons I just mentioned.

Without it, 51% of the population of our nation, crammed into geographically insignificant left-wing run urban ghettoes, would decide what everyone else is allowed to do or say.

The progressives already did your rights a considerable disservice by pushing for and passing the 17th amendment. It deleted a significant check and balance on federal power by electing US Senators by popular vote. Almost every recent issue with money in politics and abuse of federal power can be linked to this change. Imagine what happens if you remove another check on federal power?

State sovereignty no longer exists. Federal politicians and regulators are free to impose the will of urban dwellers on a vastly rural nation. Think, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Seattle. Homelessness, vermin, disease, and human feces on the street. The nightly violence of Detroit and Chicago.

Leaders elected by popular vote over decades of one-party rule. With no checks an balances.

Dan Crenshaw, having been fingered in one of those recent squeals about the Electoral College, decided to make time to explain the deal why we have it and what it does. 

It protects you from mob rule.