If Mass. Gives Illegals Drivers’ Licenses Dems Will Demand their Right to Use Them in NH Elections - Granite Grok

If Mass. Gives Illegals Drivers’ Licenses Dems Will Demand their Right to Use Them in NH Elections

Illegal Immigration is a crime

The Democrats continue to deny New Hampshire’s State sovereignty. They insist that anyone who is here on election day, even if they have an out of state license should vote in your elections. Will that include illegal aliens from Massachusetts if the state approves them?

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The answer has to be yes. They already tried to pass a similar law here.

And in the current landscape, (to Democrats) non-citizens holding state-issued drivers licenses are no different to New Hampshire Democrats that out-of-state tuition-paying college kids. They all crossed a border. Now that they are here, let them decide your budgets and who represents you in elected office.

Keep in mind that if these transient non-residents were voting for Republicans, they’d be screaming bloody murder. No one would even know what a sanctuary city or state was. That is not the case, nor is it with out-of-state-tuition-paying students.

Their ineligibility for in-state tuition is no barrier to stealing your New Hampshire votes. Even though we know that Democrats encourage absentee voting by actual New Hampshire students paying out-of-state tuition at school outside the Granite State.

Don’t dare call that a double-standard. You might be labeled a racist, hating, vote-suppressing, [insert curse words here]. Which means what?

What if Massachusetts does give drivers’ licenses to illegal aliens? Non-citizens, here in violation of the law? Any peep from you about not letting them vote in New Hampshire on election day will make you a vote-suppressing xenophobe. All because New Hampshire Democrats don’t give a Baltimore Rats A** about New Hampshire. Our borders mean nothing. Our people, our culture, our way of life mean nothing.

All they are interested in is advancing the culture-destroying homogenizing supremacy of socialism. Which also means pushing as much money and power as possible up to Concord, or down to Washington DC. Where the Left will be better able to spend it on their priorities without your influence or interference.

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