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NH Democrats Vote to Give Illegal Aliens Drivers’ Licenses


New Hampshire Democrats just voted to give drivers’ licenses to illegal aliens. HB 397 provides a list of foreign documents anyone can use to obtain one. Including expired alien registration cards.

A driver’s license is that thing that makes almost everything possible. The “document” of choice. Keys to the kingdom. Including the ability to vote. Probably for Democrats, or the Left wouldn’t even be suggesting it.

With a drivers’ license, you can access taxpayer-backed services to which you may not be entitled, but you may only be one election away from changing that. Changing anything. Because Democrats want to give non-citizens the vote and everything else.

Imagine if the warden gave his prisoners the vote? Nothing they did would be illegal and everyone would be set free.

So, why have laws at all?

Note: Waiting for Democrats to accuse me of calling all alien immigrants prisoners or criminals in 3…2…1…
Note2: Not discounting the possibility that this will be labeled by the Left as vote-suppression.

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