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The New Hampshire Democrat’s War on Your Sovereign Rights


Ed Naile has rightly noted (as have others among us), repeatedly, that out-of-state tuition-paying college students, and others, who are allowed to vote in New Hampshire, have more “rights” than actual Granite State Residents.

The latter being those persons who cannot choose to vote in two different states during any federal election. We have elected to vote here and nowhere else while these extra-privileged persons are being permitted by politicians and enforcement agencies to vote here, or in the state where they originally reside. As we’ve noted, sometimes both.

I cannot vote in Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine, Missouri, Arkansas, Florida, or any other state. Students, campaign workers, day-trippers, and deliberate vote vagrants, on the other hand, can.

Why it has been so difficult to bring such a violation before a court confounds me. It is a concept that, was redefined in 1873, as simple and understood.

It is that a citizen of the United States can, of his own volition, become a citizen of any State of the Union by a bona fide residence therein, with the same rights as other citizens of that State.

Justice Miller’s 1873 decision in the Slaughterhouse Cases, states a simple fact. Citizens of a state shall enjoy the same rights as all citizens in that state. Not more, not less.

Citizens of sovereign states define those rights through their elections. But if any member of any other state (in any number) can change the rules of our state, its actual citizens are denied their sovereign right to choose who will make their laws without the interference of outsiders.

These interlopers can choose our local and federal representation and pass local budgets and measures. Change our ordinances, even our state constitution. Grant themselves even more rights at our expense. All while retaining the rights we do not have like the right to vote in their home state or ours.

Efforts to defend the sovereign rights of actual New Hampshire citizens from these invaders have met resistance from all sides but primarily form the Left. The pursuit of even the most minimal proof that before casting a vote, an individual has sworn to the equal rights as other voting citizens of our State is met with vitriol and accusations of vote or voter suppression.

It is not “vote suppression” to ask a non-resident to vote absentee in their own state. It is not “vote suppression” to expect publicly funded colleges and universities (or any other public entity or organ) to educate and assist out of state residents in how to vote absentee in their own state. It is not “vote suppression” to aks that every voter commits themselves to New Hampshire before being granted the power to define what that even means. 

Ensuring the right to vote does not mean institutionalizing their power to steal ours. But that is what the Democrats in the NH House and Senate have done. They have worked to undo even minimalist protections to your rights as a sovereign citizen. To give non-residents more voting rights than they allow you.

No New Hampshire law can give you the right to vote in the home state of an out-of-state tuition student. But Democrats will change as many laws as they can to ensure that people from other states can vote in yours.

How is this not collusion to silence your voice and overturn every election with the help of non-state actors?

If you hadn’t noticed, at least at the national level, the same party and the same people have been making a rather big deal about the adverse effects of outsiders influencing elections. They demand just the opposite when it comes to New Hampshire.