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Energy Policy: Democrats Must Love Middle Eastern Wars

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The initial reaction to the Iranian backed strike against their Saudi enemies energy infrastructure was a 20% spike in oil. That lasted a day. Prices quickly dropped and a week later oil prices remain stable.

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So, now is the time to ask Democrats running for President. Who do you love more?

  • Do you love middle eastern dependence more than actual Americans?
  • Do you love saying we should stay out of Middle East conflicts more than developing US resources that give us options (including avoiding them)?
  • Do you love pandering on Green energy more than admitting that fracking has reduced US emissions more than any other nation (if you think CO2 is a thing we need to cut)?

There is a basketful of reasons why oil is not spiking, but increased US production is one of them. We should be expanding that development and add refining capacity.

  • It can take the pressure off us and our allies, i.e. reduce dependence on nations that hate us.
  • Conflicts in the Middle East become less of a concern to America when their oil is no longer critical to our economy
  • If there are global disruptions America benefits from price shocks instead of disruptive foreign powers or sponsors of terrorism.
  • Global diplomacy changes when a majority of nations no longer need to pander to (and finance) tyrannical powers with questionable human rights records.
  • Shale oil and gas has become a leading source of emissions reductions (if you think CO2 is a thing we need to reduce) – which lowers energy costs and leaves more money in the economy for other needs.
  • It allows me to use these annoying bullets in my articles.

Democrats insist that oil, and gas, and fracking are bad. They are not, and are, in fact, a better solution to long term energy needs than sending troops to die to protect friendly dictators from unfriendly ones.

No Green energy future will exist without natural gas of oil. It’s not happening. Given this fact, should we be masters of our own fate which includes the ability to control impacts from both mining, processing, and use?

Elizabeth Warren’s pander to the eco-warriors is insanity, but she’s not alone. Those who support her are numerous. But that would be disastrous for our economy and our security. And while many in the middle politically might agree they need to hear why.

We’re just trying to help.


Crude oil avg $66/bbl   – Brent $64.28   – WTI $58.09