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While We Wait for The Trial of Accused Domestic Abuser Democrat Jeff Woodburn

Jeff Woodburn

The North Country’s legislative alpha caveman is still awaiting trial. And if you ask, NH Democrat Jeff Woodburn, who has admitted to anger issues (of which he is ashamed), is the victim here not the woman with the bite marks and bruising.

Leading the campaign is Elizabeth Ruediger (aka; Beth Wetzler) who continues to stand by Woody. From beginning to end she has insisted that Woodburn’s alleged victim is a scheming harpy bent on bringing him down. As if this justifies the alleged treatment of which he is accused?

Bet Wetzler - Elizabeth Reudiger


The evidence tells a different story. According to the AG, the victim didn’t contact anyone about the alleged violence against her. Someone or several someones in the legislature did that. The AG came to her to confirm the accusations. Does that not put a dent in the psychopath-stalker narrative?

And Woodburn’s diary does paint a picture of his struggle with anger. But he must be special.

Early on in the process Reudiger abandoned the #MeToo and believe women narratives. She even announced that these sorts of physical altercations were acceptable for New Hampshire.

I have family (in laws) who have thrown large spoons and chipped teeth of children. Forks, too.

Wrong? Yes. Criminal? Questionable.  It’s called life and Germans. You are Greek. You should understand misogyny and hot tempers.  I’m Irish…never seen a spat that didn’t involve something being thrown or something damaged.

#metoo may be global, but NH plays according to its own set of rules

What if he was a Republican, Beth!?

This sounds like a liberal. These are the folks who can’t denounce Antifa violence because it is advancing their march toward the progressive one-party state. So, what if we don’t all want that. It’s how things are in the socialist “family.”

And women must be believed. But not the ones whose accusations subvert the left’s political agenda. 

Through this entire process, a handful of North Country Democrats have abandoned their domestic abuse narratives to defend a politician accused of abusing a Democrat woman. They make excuses. Accuse the alleged victim. Even after that foolishness failed to save his gig in the State Senate.

If acquitted are they pining for a relaunch of win with woody?

Will Woodburn’s Lawyer, Donna Brown, who makes her living defending scumbags (who do have a right to representation) find ways to make things more interesting? I’m told she has represented Michael Addison, convicted for murdering Officer Michael Briggs. Ernest Willis, found guilty in 2011 of raping a 15-year-old. And Ryan Taber, who was convicted of soliciting sex from a 14-year-old online, possessing kiddie porn and sexually abusing his dog.

Woodburn’s case must seem a bit boring.

Is that why someone (most likely on the defense or affiliated with them) leaked privileged material, secured by court order?

Spices things up. Woody ruined a dryer and a doorframe, threw things and allegedly bit the victim. Aside from the potential for psychological abuse, that’s a far cry from representing accused cop-killers and child molesters. Right?

Woodburn will have his day in court. More details will be revealed, eventually. And yes, a jury will decide. It’s not the most compelling case. But regardless of the outcome, there are North Country Democrats who have been awful to the woman who is alleged to have been abused.

That is probably the most revealing part of this case. Had they left it alone there’d be no other story. But they can’t. And it proves the point I make about the political left and all of their supposed victim groups. Politics first. And in this case, even a Democrat woman gets no quarter.