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Elizabeth Ruediger: The “Hillary Clinton” of the North Country

Whoopie Goldberg famously said, in defense of Roman Polanski, it wasn’t rape-rape. That was dumb but not unprecedented. Liberals are still making excuses for Bill Clinton nearly 25 years along. Hillary’s terror campaign against the “bimbo eruptions” is legendary. Bill did “stuff.” Hillary destroyed the victims. Always paint the accused as needy, desperate, then bitter.

This brings me back to North Country Democrat Jeff Woodburn who while innocent until proven guilty has his own Hillary Clinton.

The Democrat State Senator is accused of nine counts of domestic abuse. Berlin, New Hampshire Mayor Paul Greiner tossed the #MeToo narrative in the closet last week in defense of  Woodburn claiming he is the victim. That’s Clintonesque to be sure.

But yesterday Skip introduced us to another player on the stage, Elizabeth Ruediger who – in an op-ed in the Caledonia Record referred to Woodburn’s victim as the Tonya Harding or Politics.

I mention Elizabeth earlier here but Skip, working off Ruediger’s op-ed title, notes that,

“Tonya Harding was an Olympic caliber figure skater that had her chief American rival literally knee-capped in order to win.  Win at all cost, win no matter who else was hurt – all in to win a title and a shiny piece of metal.”

Is it just me or does Ruediger’s use of Harding in her Op-Ed reek of liberal projection?

Elizabeth’s knee-capping of Woodburn’s accuser in the press  (like Grenier’s) throws the Liberal narratives about women’s rights, the patriarchy, abusive men, and #MeToo out the window. Anything to win. But it gets better. In a new email provided to this outlet, Ruediger tries to explain away her indifference to the accusations of domestic violence by Woodburn.

A Hillaryesque version of #MeToo for New Hampshire.

———- Forwarded message ———
From: Elizabeth Ruediger <bethnart@gmail.com>
Date: Sun, Aug 12, 2018, 11:35 AM
Subject: Re: Proof in the pudding
To: Theodore Bosen <tlbosen@gmail.com>
Cc: Kathleen Kelley <Kukelley@me.com>, Paul Grenier <pgrenier492@gmail.com

I have family (in laws) who have thrown large spoons and chipped teeth of children. Forks, too.

Wrong? Yes. Criminal? Questionable.  It’s called life and Germans. You are Greek. You should understand misogyny and hot tempers.  I’m Irish…never seen a spat that didn’t involve something being thrown or something damaged.

She beats this dead horse for several paragraphs but I won’t bore you. She closes with this.

#metoo may be global, but NH plays according to its own set of rules.

Hitting people with things happens in New Hampshire. Biting too, I guess? Nothing to see here (at least not with Woodburn) so just move along?

Can I get a quote from State Democrat Party Chair Ray Buckley, or maybe U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen on that? How about Maggie Hassan, Ann Kuster, or any other Democrat from the Dodge Projectiles or Keep quiet State.

It doesn’t surprise me that a Democrat thinks violent behavior is normal, expected, and that it happens and in New Hampshire. But if we don’t step out of the way, literally, we are to blame?

Nice Party you got there.

Clearly, the goal is to let Jeff Woodburn proceed as if nothing happened. Leave him be, because we need this state senate seat for the Democrats. To help things along Elizabeth Ruediger steps out of the dark to kneecap his accuser so they can win political ‘Gold!’

I guess that makes her the Tonya Harding and the Hillary Clinton of the North Country. And while she might try to take that as a compliment, it’s not.