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Berlin NH Mayor Names Victim of Woodburn Domestic Violence – It’s Not Who You Think

“This is disgraceful what’s happening,” Grenier said. “It was sealed at the request of the so-called victim and the real victim here is Sen. Woodburn.” – Democrat Paul Grenier: Mayor, Berlin NH

Typically, when the professional Left is after a name, a donor or donor list, for example, it’s so they can intimidate them, pillory them, and (in extreme cases) drive them from their jobs and homes. Destroy them publicly, professionally, all over what amounts to a talking point, a narrative, political power.

Keep that in mind as we explore efforts (one more time) by North Country Democrats and media allies to unmask and openly report the name of a woman whose ‘crime’ is being the victim of domestic abuse. A woman whom some Democrats appear intent on destroying because she stands between them and the election of her accused abuser.

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It poses something of a quandary, yes? Democrats are the party of women’s rights, women’s health, can we add their mental health to that list? So, when a woman accuses a large white male politician of multiple accounts of domestic abuse and the mental abuse that comes from living with that, the response from prominent Democrats and activists is what?

Is it a Republican?

If the answer is no they circle the wagons. The accused suddenly has rights and the victim does not.

Which bring me back to Berlin, NH Mayor Paul Grenier, who – as noted in the quote above – has decided that Sen. Woodburn is the victim here. Why? Because the New Hampshire Attorney General, operating under the protection of New Hampshire’s existing Victims Bill of Right, believes the victim has rights and he intends to protect them.

The liberal-leaning InDepthNH didn’t agree. Under the cover of reporting how the Berlin Sun had filed a motion to unseal the arrest records and reveal the victim’s name, they revealed the victim’s name repeatedly. Not that very many people will see it there.

So that brings us to the Berlin Sun which claims that,

“Voters deserve to know the facts and probable cause used for Mr. Woodburn’s arrest before being forced to make a decision at the polls,” Tetreault wrote. The court has yet to rule.

The details of the accusations of assault have been shared all over the state media. Anyone who wants to know knows. Primary voters know. They know the probable cause was the testimony of a woman to the police and the AG that a man struck her person, threw things at her face, and bit her, to name but a few of the nine counts alleged. The AG found the accusations credible.

Charges, Court, Prosecution, Defense, verdict, that’s how this works for Democrats even when your accuser is also a Democrat. #MeToo, Brute?

The process is no different were the accused, say, a Republican except that faced with arrest, the local and national media pillorying, and a pending court date the GOP guy (more likely than not) resigns and drops out of the race never to show their face in politics again even if it means losing a State Senate seat to the political opposition for two years.

That’s a lot but Democrats wouldn’t be satisfied. Anyone who had ever said a kind word about the accused, donated them money, or had their sign in his or her yard, would be implicated in the abuse and branded a hater of women. See how many they can take with him.

When it’s a Democrat the Mayor of Berlin can claim the large, white male (see also the accused) is the actual victim.

If the Mayor of Berlin is a Republican this news is already on CNN. All Day. Until he resigns.

Meanwhile, the Berlin Sun decides it has a credible need to inform “voters” who the victim is (since everyone knows everything else) so that Democrats in the district can feel good about saving a State Senate seat for a ‘man of the people‘ like Jeff “I might have hit a girl and liked it” Woodburn; who probably outweighs the woman he is accused of abusing by 100 pounds.

Yes, there is a last-minute write-in female Democrat primary candidate to consider but Woodburn will probably beat her too. Electorally, I mean.

And all the while the Democrat machine will go about the business of making the alleged victim (the woman not Woodburn) regret ever filing a complaint because in the Democrat party when a woman puts political power at risk they treat her like she’s a Republican accused of domestic violence.

Which brings me to the exit question, and this is a big one. What message are Democrats like the Mayor of Berlin, New Hampshire sending to women who may find themselves subject to domestic violence or sexual abuse with a Democrat politician?

It says, suck it up and keep quiet.

Nice party you got there.

We’re not done with this story yet, stay tuned.


Redacted PDF Screen Grab of InDepthNH Article for reference on all quotes.