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Jeff Woodburn’s Alleged Victim Wasn’t the One Who Turned Him In


If you are not up to speed on the saga of Jeff “I have anger issues” Woodburn, spend some time here. Woodburn is a former NH State Senator accused of multiple counts of violence against a woman in the North Country. And I learned something new about his case today. The Union Leader is reporting that the alleged victim did not turn his name into the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office.

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According to her lawyers, the alleged victim was called by the AG to answer questions after someone in the State Legislature contacted the AG.

The Judges pre-trial order,

…contains a statement by Jacobs’ attorney, Patricia LaFrance, that suggests someone in the State House triggered the investigation into Woodburn.

“Attorney LaFrance argued that her client did not initiate contact with the police,” the order states. “She argued that the investigation started based on an inquiry from the General Court.”

LaFrance explained that she was addressing accusations that her client had run to police to extract revenge.

She Didn’t Turn Him In

“My understanding was that leaders in the legislature had raised their concerns with the Attorney General’s office. They then contacted me (once I began representing the victim) and arranged for her to come in to give a statement.

“This was all to rebut the defense claim that my client ran to the police to get back at the defendant because he had broken things off with her.”

Someone in the New Hampshire State Senate (most likely) put a bug in the AG’s ear. This lead to an investigation that required the alleged victim be brought in for questioning.

That puts a new patina on claims by J-Woods posse that she was doing this out of spite.

Woodburn still plans to claim self-defense.

 We look forward to seeing how that works out for him.

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