Gov. Run Health Care Lesson from Canada - Won't Pay for Treatment, Will Pay for Assisted Suicide - Granite Grok

Gov. Run Health Care Lesson from Canada – Won’t Pay for Treatment, Will Pay for Assisted Suicide


A Canadian father with an 11-year old son couldn’t get the care he needed. Instead, that thing they all belong to in Canada, offered him a series of inadequate options until death was the only one he had left.

A single-payer health care system will always sink to the lowest common denominator, removing choice. If death is more efficient for the system, than death it will be. And that’s on top of the gaps in medical care that those with socialized medicine suffer. Instead of finding ways to serve Tagert and his son, the Canadian health care system found it more convenient to kill him.

I’m not suggesting that the Canadian government doesn’t care that there were no other options. I’m saying it can’t care. State-run Socialized medicine can no more care about your medical needs than the IRS can take responsibility for ensuring the quality of your work environment. They are not compatible. To suggest otherwise is a lie crafted to accomplish the goal of denying individuals rights to expand State power.

Guess who wants that?

The same people who decide what words mean when you use them. The folks who want to control where and when you can speak and about what. The party that would regulate the use of your hard-earned dollars for personal expression, political or otherwise. The grabbers of guns, energy, transportation, your everyday life. Democrats.

None of these efforts has a thing to do with civility, dark money, medical care, or the future of the earth. They are all smoke screens deployed to convince you to give up your liberties to an all-powerful state.

The Left likes to point to Canadian Health Care as something to be revered. It’s a goal.

But death panels exist, in the form of the cumbersome bureaucracy, processing your needs like a line item in the budget. A data point in a multi-trillion dollar scheme piled on top of debt we all agree is out-of-hand now. Guess who loses? Not the wealthy of the politically connected.

You lose. Which is ironic because without you they can’t impose this power grab. And that is why they lie.

When it comes to Government-run medical care, you don’t get to make decisions about anything unless you decide the best option is for the state to pay for you to die. 

Lesson? Don’t give up those rights and choices. Don’t do it. Your odds are significantly better with the goodwill of random human beings than the best possible “will” of the State. Sure, we could argue that the former might not even learn of your plight, but they won’t deny you treatment and then tell you to end your life for the good of the State.

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