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Math is Hard. It’s Harder if You Support Elizabeth Warren

Most of the Democrats are ga-ga over the newest hip progressive thing. Because that partial takeover called ObamaCare was such a loser. They want a total takeover of health care. No matter how much it costs. Just be sure to tell the Middle Class it won’t cost them a thing.

Harry Reid injury

The Wisdom of Harry Reid?

Former Democrat Senate leader Harry Ried, who lost a battle with an “exercise Band” that then convinced him to retire from politics, has some advice for Democrats running for things, like the office of President.


House Votes 419-6 to Repeal Obama Care Cadillac Tax

Once the Unions read it and found out what was in it, they pushed back. Yes, socialized medicine is something the left desires. And Obama Care was the groundwork for that. But like all tyrannies, you have to dance with them that brought you, at least at first.