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Did The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals Just Save the Electoral College From Meddling Democrats?


The National Popular Vote (NPV) is an effort to create a compact. States who sign on would allocate their electoral college votes based on the national popular vote. The goal is to get the compact to 270. But the 10th Circuit Court just blew a hole in their nefarious plan.

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It turns out that no state can force an elector to vote for whom they say. No matter how many agreements they pass or sign. Because of the Constitution!

Momma’s-basement-dwelling mustache-twirling villains shout curses!

The 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals held that the Colorado secretary of state violated the Constitution in 2016 when he removed an elector and nullified his vote because the elector refused to cast his ballot for Democrat Hillary Clinton, who received a plurality of the popular vote both nationally and in Colorado.

The split decision by a three-judge panel on the Denver appeals court asserted: “Article II and the Twelfth Amendment provide presidential electors the right to cast a vote for President and Vice President with discretion. And the state does not possess countervailing authority to remove an elector and to cancel his vote in response to the exercise of that Constitutional right.”

The panel continued, “The electoral college did not exist before ratification of the federal Constitution, and thus the states could reserve no rights related to it under the Tenth Amendment. Rather, the states possess only the rights expressly delegated to them in Article II and the Twelfth Amendment.”


At present Colorado is the only state in the Tenth Circuit to sign on to National Popular Vote. Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Utah, and Wyoming have not.

NPV activist Frank McNulty calls the ruling a double-edged sword. He claims this allows electors to vote for whoever the hell they want. Frank, they’ve always been able to do that. There is no Constitutional prohibition preventing it. The Colorado ruling affirms that fact. A ‘problem’ we never had until your state, Colorado, invalidated an elector who didn’t want to vote for Hillary in 2016.

Electoral College Map

All of the States that signed on were Majority Democrat

Rhode Island, Vermont, Hawaii, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Washington, Connecticut, New Jersey, Illinois, California, and New York. That’s your current NPV Lousekateer Roll Call. Notice a pattern?

Did you know the movement is funded by deep-pocketed left-wing wealth?

In my geographic neighborhood, Democrats have been swooning over the idea of giving their votes away to New York. The Maine State Senate said yes, but their lower chamber said no thanks. New Hampshire Democrats proposed making our votes for electors meaningless as well. Even after the 10th Circuit ruling, I expect they’ll keep trying.

And of course, there’s no evidence that the Constitutional device crafted to protect the sovereignty and voice of small states like the one in which I live favors any particular party.

Even arguments by Democrat Party whiz-kid Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hold no water. She and others claim the Electoral College is racist. Really? You mean the thing that elected a black president twice the first chance it got?

We should expect a review by the full 10th circuit followed by a visit to the US Supreme Court where the program will likely die a horrible death (fingers-crossed).

Another effort by insanely wealthy liberals to buy the presidency for Democrats in perpetuity down the tubes. But not quite yet. The basement-dwelling mustache-twirling villains never give up.

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