Maine State Senate Decides To Give Its Voters No Voice in Presidential Elections


The Maine State Senate must not like their voters very much. They just chose to join the National Popular Vote, which would erase Maine by turning it into a meaningless (if not incredibly large) county of New York State.

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With only 1.3 million people and a significantly smaller number of actual voters, the State of Maine’s presidential voice would vanish. 

There are 6.2 Million registered Democrats in the Empire State and 2.8 Million Republicans. With 2.6 million unaffiliated or other. In no calculation does Maine matter if their State House and Governor go along with the State Senate.

They have abandoned the idea that sovereign states elect presidents. They are not alone.

Democrats in New Hampshire are itching to turn the Granite State into a meaningless New York State Couty as well.

 A pursuit that will continue until they succeed. Because they don’t trust their voters either. For all their bluster about tyrannical chief executives, nothing would please the Left more than an imperial president residing over a direct Democracy. The National Popular Vote is their ticket.

And Maine looks prepared to book passage on that train to nowhere. As in nowhere in Maine will a Presidential Candidate need to set foot, ever again.