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Democrat’s Dishonest Duplicity on The National Popular Vote


Democrats do not want fairness; they want Democrats to win. And they’ll come up with whatever strategy gets them there. The National Popular vote is one such scam. It erases the value of the electoral college and makes states like New Hampshire meaningless.

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If the participating states cast their electoral college votes for whoever wins the national vote a few states with large urban areas decide who the President is forever, and that means Democrats. We know this is true because if it were any other way the Left would oppose it as a racist white-power scheme.

The electoral college recognizes state sovereignty. The National popular vote abolishes it. And if we are honest, the Electoral college has been more than fair.

During my lifetime, we’ve had 30 years of Republican Presidents and 26 years of Democrats – 28 if you count Kennedy’s first two years (I wasn’ t born yet). That’s not out of balance at all, and if Jimmy Carter hadn’t screwed it up for the Left they’d have more, but that’s not the fault of the Electoral College. That’s the fault of Democrats.

Where’s the inequity in that? As far as the left is concerned, there were thirty years of it going on thirty-one. No one else should win. To solve that problem (outside the new super-sore-loser trend of claiming any other winner is illegitimate), Democrats want crowded, bankrupt, crime-ridden, progressive urban poop-farms full of liberals to tilt every national election toward them.

So, that’s their ace in the a-hole — the not so National ‘Poopular’ vote. And they are not there but they are eerily close. They need less than 70 electoral votes worth of states to get the 270 they need to give us Democrat presidents in perpetuity.

While they wait for that, Democrat socialist run American states have realized that what works in North Korea, Cuba, Saddam’s Iraq, and Maduro’s Venezuela will also work for them.

California legislators are working to prevent President Donald Trump from appearing on their state ballot in 2020.

Assuming Trump is the Republican nominee, how could he possibly win the national popular vote when he will be unable to win even a single vote from the largest state in the Union? With the National Popular Vote Compact in effect, the election will be over before it begins.

Tara Ross’ Daily Signal piece adds that State’s like California are playing both sides.”Seize(ing) the rights of state sovereignty for one purpose but then to pretend that a national tally can work for another.”

Democrats don’t care about fairness, equity, equality, or anything else – they want their way. If you have to suffer, they are fine with that.

Calls for election integrity and voting rights, it’s all a scam. None of it has anything to do with your voice unless it is also theirs. Everyone else needs to shut up. Whether in the press, in public, or at the ballot box, they are looking for a way to silence you.

The National Popular vote is just another path to the same end. One party Democrat rule.