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Jeanne Shaheen Wants to Put an End to Free Speech Meddling With “Our” Elections

Jeanne shaheen

NHPR has an interview with Senator Jeanne Shaheen, and a few things are abundantly clear. She heard a different version of Bob Mueller’s testimony this week. Oh, and she’s not serious about Russian Meddling in our elections.

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Mr. Mueller’s latest testimony manages to exonerate Mr. Trump repeatedly (again!). He confirms there was no collusion. Refuses to acknowledge that the only possible guilt on the part of the president exists by using an unconstitutional interpretation of the concept of guilt explicitly created for Mr. Trump.

Bob Mueller’s tragic performance will be a topic of discussion for years. Or at least until the IG report is released and John Durham’s investigation hit’s the press.

Bob’s One Job

Mueller was not hired to look for Russian meddling in the election. Russia has meddled in every election. That’s not news. Nor is that there is no evidence this has ever worked. But not for lack of trying. And this ties in nicely because Bob’s job was to keep the focus on the President to hide election meddling by Democrats.  

Senator Shaheen, always the reliable Democrat partisan, continues to foster that fantasy. But that is not the worst of her sins. She’s using it to address a more pressing concern for the left.

But I think the piece that has gotten less attention but is maybe more insidious is the effort to spread disinformation, to try and divide the American people against candidates on issues that come up in the campaign.

She’s referring to Conservative speech or more accurately, any information not controlled by the government or their liberal media gatekeepers (emphasis mine).

“…one of the things that we need to do is to make people aware that this is going on and who they should trust when they’re looking at where they get their information. So just because you get something online, you need to check out who’s sharing that information. Make sure it’s coming from a real source, from someone you trust, from a real news organization.

She means someone she trusts.

And it’s not coming from some bot that’s located in Ukraine, or Moldova or someplace in Russia that is spreading disinformation.

Using Collusion to Control Speech

This is partisan message control cloaked in the collusion narrative, and it’s hilarious. And here’s why.

The entire Trump collusion scam is premised on the Steele Dossier. A collection of items paid for by the Clinton campaign, collected by Christopher Steele. Where did he get them? He either got them from (meddling) Russians, or he made them up.

This is a wholly discredited fabrication used by Democrats to excuse police-state spying on political opponents to…try and change the outcome of an election. 

So, Democrats used lies drafted by a foreign spy or misinformation from Russians to mess with our election. And Jeanne Shaheen is concerned that there are sources out there sharing information that contradicts the party line.

Never fear, no foreign Bots harmed our elections. It’s an excuse to declare a crisis for which Jeanne Shaheen has a solution. State control of speech which will, coincidentally, make it easier for her to and her leftist pals to win elections.

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen can’t be trusted to protect Constitutional rights like free speech before party politics.

Not that this is news to anyone paying attention. But it is awfully kind of her (and NHPR) to remind us.